10+ Essential Terrace Gardening tools to create a Garden of your dreams

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In today’s urban lifestyle, homes do not have dedicated compounds, lawns, and open grounds. In multistory complexes, all people have are balconies or terrace. However, you can still explore your gardening hobby even in the limited space available in your flats.

In recent times, when people have been restricted to their homes most of the time, nurturing your gardening hobby can be a great respite. If you, too, are looking to have a spot of green in your home, these essentials gardening tools and supply, along with your creativity, can create a small oasis.

You can grow a variety of flowers, ornamental plants, green herbs, leafy vegetables, or even juicy fruits right in your balcony. These plants can breathe freshness into your home, uplift your home decor, and tending to them can also be a great stress buster for you too.

Before, you start do take care of a few things, such as :

Preparing the base for Terrace Gardening

Balcony and Terrace Waterproofing

Since a terrace garden requires you to water your plants regularly, make sure you waterproof the floor. Waterproofing can provide proper prevention against seepages on your walls or your neighbor’s. Additionally, ensure that your drain outlet is in order.

While building your terrace, it makes good sense to use a fiberglass mesh underneath your tiles or flooring for a suitable waterproofing solution. I am sure you might be asking, “What if I decide to take up gardening as a hobby where the flooring is already there?” No problem, just ask a plumber to do the coating of a waterproofing agent, which is available in the market from various companies like Pidilite, Mr. Fix it, etc.

Potting Soil

As your balcony does not have the soil, you must choose the right potting mix for your plants. It is also crucial to consider the weight that you put on your terrace and balconies. A combination of compost coir peat, vermicompost, and regular soil should work. Using organic potting mix which combines soil, vermicompost and cocopeat can help in reducing the overall weight as compared to using just soil. You can conveniently order organic potting mix from online retail stores and get them home delivered. Some options that you can consider are:

TrustBasket Enriched Premium Organic Earth Magic Potting Soil Mix: It contains microbes that enhance the soil properties. The potting mix is completely organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals. The mix comes with micro and macronutrients and with good water holding capacity. The antifungal property of the mix helps the plants to grow healthy.

gardening tools - Potting Soil mix

MahaGro All-Purpose Premium Potting Mix – with Cocopeat & Organic Fertilizer- 10kg: A premium Potting mix with 100% organic fertilizer and 43 other plant nutrients. It is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and houseplants. Claims to provide 4 times better growth to your plants. It is a clean, lite-weight, and odorless mix. The power of the fertilizer of the mix lasts for up to 1.5 years. It also minimizes soil-borne diseases, pests, and weed growth

gardening tools - Potting Soil mix

BloomBuddy Potting Mixture 10kg: It is a unique mixture of coco-peat (coir pith), vermicompost, beneficial microorganisms, and selected organic nutrients. Enables active, free, and anchored sprout of seeds or growth of seedlings. It promotes aeration of the roots and has high water and nutrient retention capacity. It also limits and restricts weeds, pests, and pathogens from infecting your plants. Suitable for growing all kinds of flowering and fruit plants, greens, vegetables, indoor and ornamental plants in pots.

gardening tools - Potting Soil mix

Gardening Tools Set

Whether you wish to have a couple of potted plants or are looking to create a complete rooftop garden, you would need some tools.  Some essential gardening tools like Weeder, Cultivator, Trowel, Garden Fork, Cutter, Garden Scissor, Hand Gloves, etc. need to be present in your arsenal.

The Truphe Gardening set of 8 tools offers you all these in a single package. The Truphe Gardening tool kit is a complete set for all your gardening needs. It is a combo of 8 Gardening tools. The metal parts of the tools are powder coated for rust protection. The tools have specially designed handles for comfortable use and better grip.

Gardening Tools Set of 8 Equipments

Get Ready and Start Terrace Gardening


How can we speak of building a garden and not mention plants? You have a lot of plants varieties that are specifically suitable for indoors growing. Whether inside your home or in your terrace. A whole host of plant species are available for you, be it Air Purifying Plants, Good Luck Plants, Ornamental Plants, Cacti & Succulents, Crassula Ovata Jade and not to mention many flowers and fruits plants that you can grow.

You can choose to visit your nearby nursery to select and get your plants or better still, order online from some of the most popular nursery offering their healthy plants from stores like Amazon. Most of these nurseries deliver the plants to your home in well-packed containers so that they reach you in good condition, many of them send these plants in attractive pots for you to put them in your garden right out-of-the-box.

Ugaoo Indoor Plants for Home: Ugaoo offers a wide range of plants. You can see and then choose the plant you would like to order. They claim that all the plants are exactly same as shown in the image, are ready to use, and come with design and placement tips.

Soul of Gardening - Plants

Nurturing Greens Indoor Plants; Nurturing Green is the pioneer in India to bring about and promote the concept of Green Gifting “Gift a Plant.” Their plants come in attractive pots adding to the overall appeal of the plants. You would love to add a piece in your decor right out of the box.

Soul of Gardening - Plants

Rolling Nature Plants: The freshest plants with luxury pots are available at affordable prices. Indoor plants in exquisite colorful pots are a beautiful way to transform your living space into a lively one.

Soul of Gardening - Plants

Growing Plants from Seeds

If you are adventures enough to take your gardening to the next level, you can grow your chosen variety of plant from scratch, I mean seeds. You get excellent quality seeds for all types of plants for your home gardens such as Flower seeds, Vegetable seeds, Herb Seeds, Exotic Vegetable Seeds, Flower bulbs, and Microgreen Seeds. Some of the prominent online stores for these seeds are:

Ugaoo Plant Seeds : Offers combo pack as well as seeds for individual verity of plants and vegetables of all types. From old-fashioned sweet peas to cherry tomatoes to tranquil basil leaves, you can explore a world of plants that can be enjoyed right at home. The seeds at Ugaoo can be relied on to get the highest yield and have undeniable resistance to pests and disease, which makes them ideal for both the beginner gardeners and seasoned pros alike.

Soul of Gardening - Flower Plant Seeds
Soul of Gardening - Vegetable Plant Seeds

Only for organic: Their best-sellers are a massive collection of seeds in a combo pack for both flowers and vegetables. Only for organic procure seeds from top breeders of all around the world. The product is first tested and checked at the warehouses and then made available to customers.

Soul of Gardening - Flower Plant Seeds
Soul of Gardening - Vegetable Plant Seeds

Kraft Seeds : They too offer wide variety of seeds for Flowers and Vegetables.

Seed Trays for Germination

If you are keen to explore the seed plantation, you may also require some additional resources. Like seedling trays. These are special planting trays used for germinating the seeds before you transfer the plant shoots to its actual pot.

Some seed trays can be used for a few germination cycles before wearing out, while some other provide a more durable and reusable option to you. Pick the tray that works for your purpose.

Kraft Seeds Seedling Tray: Apart from seeds, even soft stem cuttings can be planted in these trays for induction of new roots; a vegetative way of plant propagation. Seedling Trays Are Reusable. After the Transplantation of seedlings, a new round of seeds can be sown in the same trays & the process can be continued.

Gardening Tools - Seed Trays for Germination

Kraft Seeds Colorful Reusable Seeds Trays: These trays a somewhat more sturdy and come in multi-color options. These too can be reused for germination of seed and growing soft stem cuttings.

Gardening Tools - Seed Trays for Germination

Containers and Planters

Although terracotta pots or clay pots make better containers, they are also prone to breakages. For your terrace garden, you can go for plastic planters that are available in multiple varieties. Some are even stackable for you to make a beautiful corner tower with small succulent plants, plant vines, or ferns.

Livzing Flower Pot with Bottom Tray Set: The garden flower pot set gives attractive look for flower arrangement, balcony gardening, creative cute indoor outdoor decoration lawn, etc. Bottom drain holes allow for the removal of excess water, the plate tray will collect the excess water in it which avoids mark on the wall or any place.

Gardening Tools - Containers and Planters

POTS4NATURE Sharpex Garden Stacking Vertical Plastic 5 Tier Indoor/Outdoor Gardening Tower Planter Pot:  It is a 5 Tier Vertical Planter and has stackable pots that can hold up to 15 different plants. It is made of high quality polypropylene. The planters are sturdy, resistant to fading and cracks. It is perfect to make the best use of small spaces by growing your plants vertically.

Gardening Tools - Containers and Planters

Railing Planters For Balconies

You can also go for railing planters for your balconies. They offer a great look and provide options for planting greens and flowers, even if you have limited floor space. You also get multicolor options here to add extra visual appeal.

Ecofynd 12 inches Balcony Railing Planter with Detachable Handle: These are ideal for Terrace and Balcony. You can also use it as Wall Planter or Tabletop Planter. Its elegant design makes it fit any space you can think of. Constructed from high grade galvanized metal sheet makes it highly durable and strong enough to sustain extreme weather conditions. Unlike Plastics, it’s color will not fade away and have a longer life than expected.

Gardening Tools - Railing Planters

TrustBasket Single Pot Railing Planter: These are attractive selection of railing planters with round dotted designs that will instantly beautify the balcony. They are made from galvanised iron and finished with powder-coated paint which makes them rust and fade resistant. Each planter, have a detachable hook, are durable and lightweight.

Gardening Tools - Railing Planters

Hanging baskets for Balconies

Hanging baskets are an excellent option when it comes to balcony gardens. Their pretty design offer a unique touch to your balcony that is rarely achieved by other forms of plant containers. This is the main reason why the hanging baskets have maintained their popularity for years across the world.

These baskets are simple yet they provide a noticeable impact on the looks of your garden. They bring delicate flowers and striking foliage up to eye level. Tend to brighten up walls and garden spaces. Offer a perfect solution for decorating even a small area with lively greens and colorful flowers.

Go Hooked Multicolor Round Rattan Woven Plastic Flower Hanging Planter: Attractive woven look and texture that’s remarkably similar to real rattan and the rounded design make them perfect for your patio, garden, front porch, balcony or inside your home.

Gardening Tools - Hanging baskets

Generic Antier 3 PCS Hanging Baskets Rattan Waven Flower Pot Plant Pot: The rounded design makes them an attractive addition to any part of the home. The decor pot is made out of polypropylene resin, with exceptional resilience and durability. Attractive hanging spheres make a great addition to any part of your home.

Gardening Tools - Hanging baskets

Planter Stands

Often ignored, but a handy item in your terrace garden is planter stands. As you know, there may be spillage of dirt and soil mix from the planters and pots, that can accumulate and make your terrace dirty. Moving the containers regularly for cleaning becomes cumbersome. These stands provide a raised platform to keep your plants. You can easily clean the surface and keep your balcony garden in a chic condition.

You get single layer or multi-layer stands. Pick the ones that work well for your garden.

TrustBasket Indigo Planter Stand/Pot Stand: This stand is of top-quality heavy gauge galvanized metal. It has Powder-coated paint to avoid rusting. It is a rectangular shaped stand with eight strong legs that can hold the pots easily. As it is made of heavy gauge metal, no need to worry about the load. It can withstand the weight up to 20 – 25 kgs.

10+ Essential Terrace Gardening tools to create a Garden of your dreams -

TrustBasket 2 Step Stand for Multiple Plants and Pots Stand: Multi-step stand comes in 2-4 steps. It is a 2 step sturdy shelves that can display a variety of potted plants. It is light in weight and easy to assemble. Quite sturdy and has a build for heavy-duty indoor use in any weather condition

Gardening Tools - Planter Stands

Watering Pipes and Sprays

Watering pipes and spray bottles are probably gardening tools that you will use most regularly. Your plants need nutrition to grow, bloom and provide fruit. Water carries nutrients from the soil to the plant cells, so plants that are kept at their desired hydration level will be stronger and healthier. Investing in a good quality watering pipe as well as spray bottles is very important.

If you have a small balcony, you can simply use a good quality spray bottle for your needs. The spray bottles also play an essential role in providing liquid fertilizers, spraying insecticide, fungicide, and other necessary chemicals to care for your plants.

GARBNOIRE Flexible 0.5 inch & 15 Mt Long Garden Water Pipe/PVC Pipe/Car and Bike wash Pipe with Hose Connector: This water pipe comes with a free hose connector. Durable product, good value for money. Its heavy duty nature eliminate kinks, twists and tangles.

Gardening Tools - Watering Pipes and Sprays

Pepper Agro Garden Watering 8 Mode Pattern Spray Gun with Braided Hose Pipe 1/2″ inch: This model is sturdy and lightweight. It also comes with an eight pattern spray gun.

Gardening Tools - Watering Pipes and Sprays

Klassic Watering Can: A low pressure and uniform watering tool, suitable for small and mid sized gardens

Gardening Tools - Watering Pipes and Sprays

Home REPUBLIC Multi-function Watering Spray Bottles for Gardening: With an adjustable nozzle, this spray bottle can spray a mist or a long pointed spray. It is useful for Gardening, Personal use, and Home and Cleaning use. Overall this spray bottle could prove to be a handy tool for your home.

Gardening Tools - Watering Pipes and Sprays


Gardening makes our affection and bond with nature strong. It could be your baby step to reducing carbon footprints as well as giving you calm and relaxing comfort. It can also help in increasing work or home efficiency, enhancing the aesthetic appeal, and creating a green spot in your living space.  

If you have been nurturing the thought of gardening, it is time to stop thinking and start cultivating your plants instead. We have given you the list of gardening tools and supplies you would need to begin your Terrace garden.

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