10 Best Pulse Oximeters in India to keep a tab on blood oxygen levels

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Pulse oximeters have emerged as the latest must-have health instrument in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The best pulse oximeter quickly vanished from the shelves of chemist stores as people flocked to buy them. You do not need to rush and buy just any pulse oximeter. This guide will help you understand what to look for and how to choose the best pulse oximeter to measure your blood oxygen levels.

The pulse oximeter is a small device that can clip onto either a finger, toe, or ear lobe. It checks the level of oxygen in the blood, which in medical terms, is called the peripheral oxygen saturation or (SpO2) level. Usually, when the blood oxygen levels go down, the patient complains of breathlessness or discomfort. The pulse oximeter can be easily purchased online and can forewarn if the condition of the patient is getting critical.

List of Top 10 Bestselling Pulse Oximeter in India

Here is a quick snapshot of the Top 10 Best Pluse Oximeter available today for clear comparison.

Details and Reviews of Top 10 Bestselling Pulse Oximeter in India

If you would like to know more about the Top 10 Bestselling Pulse Oximeter in India, here are the details and reviews.

Offer: Get 68% Off Today!Rank No. 1
Dr Trust Signature Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter With Audio Visual Alarm (Midnight Black)- 201
17,509 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Water resistant: note product is designed to withstand accidental splash of water. Increasingly higher depths of water will render the product unusable. Product is water resistant and not water proof
  • Doctors choice: measures quickly and accurately pulse rate and spo2 blood oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin levels. Accurately determine your spo2 (blood oxygen saturation levels), fast spo2 readings, pulse measurements and display it conveniently on a large digital bright led display
  • Accurate: rotatable multidirectional display, allows you to view your results in any direction plus pulse wave, pulse rate, bar graph, spo2 level and battery level
  • Compact: light and compact, accommodates wide range of finger sizes, long battery life
  • Country of Origin: United states
Offer: Get 64% Off Today!Rank No. 3
Dr Trust Professional Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter With Audio Visual Alarm and Respiratory Rate(Blue)-202
17,084 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • ACCURATE, FAST AND RELIABLE MEASUREMENTS : The Dr Trust Professional Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter determines your blood oxygen saturation level (SPO2), Perfusion Index, respiratory rate, pulse rate and pulse bar graph accurately
  • WATER RESISTANT IP 22: It is designed to withstand accidental splash of water. Increasingly higher depths of water will render the product unusable. Please note this is water resistant and not water proof
  • MULTIDIRECTIONAL OLED SCREEN DISPLAY: Bright multi-directional OLED display is highly advanced and large in size enabling to read the measurements even in dark room. Large font readings can also be read easily by the elders
  • ALARM +OTHER SETTINGS: It is perfect health partner as comes with adjustable settings of brightness, display and other parameters. It also has alarm settings to switch ON and OFF the sound as per the choice of user
  • IN THE BOX: Package contents include 1 x Finger Oximeter, battery, one lanyard and user manual
Offer: Get 62% Off Today!Rank No. 4
Key Features of this Product:
  • Highly Accurate- Measures the oxygen concentration in the blood with a minimum deviation of +/-2% and measures the pulse rate with a minimum deviation of +/-2 bpm
  • Colour OLED Display: Four directional colour OLED display provides clear view of SpO2,PR and Perfusion Index
  • Alarm Indication: Visual and audible alarm indication alerts user in case of hi/low measurement readings
  • Clinical alert function: visual and audible alarm indication Alerts user in case of hi/low measurement readings
  • Compact Design: Light and compact, suitable for wide range of finger size
  • Low Power Consumption: Equipped with two AAA batteries, the oximeter automatically powers off when not in use and delivers up to 20 continuous hours of battery life.
Offer: Get 58% Off Today!Rank No. 5
Microtek Pulse Oximeter with Oxygen Saturation Monitor, Heart Rate and SpO2 Levels Oxygen Meter with OLED Display
52 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a Quick & Precise Way to Check Pulse Rate (Prbpm).
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels (SpO₂%), Perfusion Index (PI%) & Heart Rate Wave Form.
  • Comfortable Silicon Padded Finger Clamp Plus Simple One-Button Design Allows for Easy Operation.
Offer: Get 78% Off Today!Rank No. 6
DR VAKU® Professional Pulse Oximeter Fingertip, SpO2 and PR Value Waveform Perfusion Index Blood Oxygen Saturation with Sleep Monitoring Function for Sports and Home - Lanyard Included - Black
13,129 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • 【 Clear to Reading】Digital OLED display with low power consumption. 4-directions rotation display in total. View results from any direction.
  • 【Easy to use】Operation of the product is simple, low power consumption; Small in volume¡light in weight and convenient in carrying.
  • 【Multifunctional Fingertip Pulse Oximeter】Newest updated powerful fingertip pulse oximeter will accurately measure your SpO2, PR and PI. It will automatically measure the readings while you are in sleep, and store the readings
  • 【User-friendly design】Super easy and efficient one button operation, auto power-off after few seconds.Alarm function-Set the alarm according to your needs. There will be a warning once the measured values go beyond the set threshold.
  • 【Customer Support】 Our Product comes with 6 Months Warranty on all manufacturing Defects from date of purchase. For any issue or queries regarding the product you can contact us on email or our customer Support
Offer: Get 32% Off Today!Rank No. 7
Beurer PO30 Pulse Oximeter, Blood Oxygen Saturation & Heart Rate Monitor, 5 Years Warranty - Grey
12,699 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Pulse oximeter & heart rate monitor reliably measures through fingertip arterial oxygen saturation (spo2) and heart rate (pulse). Measurement of spo2 as a potential vital sign in acute illnesses measuremet of heart rate (pulse) particularly suitable for persons with: heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, bronchial asthma also suitable for sports at high altitudes
  • Stay on top of your health regular monitoring of blood oxygen saturation & pulse becomes crucial when staying on top of your health, either because of heart problems, pulmonary diseases or asthma or simply during strenuous sports activity.
  • Easy to use the beurer pulse oximeter, po30 is easy and practical to use, as the device provides a large colored display with adjustable brightness and orientation, 4 graphic display formats, auto switch-off, and low battery indicator.
  • Extra small & portable with a weight of only 2 ounces and a size of 2.4 x 1.4 x 1.2 inches the beurer po30 is extra-small and suitable for use at home and on the move.
  • The beurer fingertip pulse oximeter, po30 includes only batteries, colour display with 4 available views adjustable display brightness graphic pulse display small and light for use at home and on the move automatic switch-off low battery indicator
Offer: Get 62% Off Today!Rank No. 8
Key Features of this Product:
  • ✅ Measuring range -functional oxygen saturation (Spo2) - 0%100%, pulse rate(PR) - 25bpm250 bpm
  • ✅ Measurement accuracy - calibrated at 2% Spo2 for oxygen saturation and 2 bpm for pulse
  • ✅ Storage temperature: -4°f 158°f (-20°c 70°c)
  • ✅ Working time- intermittent running - automatic exit after 8 seconds of finger-free insertion
  • ✅ Measurement resolution- oxygen saturation (Spo2) - 1%, pulse rate(PR) - 1 bpm
Offer: Get 60% Off Today!Rank No. 9
Key Features of this Product:
  • Pulse Oximeter is a portable, convenient, non-invasive device, used for monitor arterial hemoglobin oxygen saturation(SpO2) and pulse rate
  • EASY to operate pulse oximeter. This portable monitor allows you to quickly and easily red oxygen saturation levels, pulse rate and pulse strength. Bright LED display is easy to read.
  • We recommend index Finger, middle finger, and ring finger are suitable position for a monitor. The personal application is designed for adult patients (Weight >30 kgs) and pediatric patients (weight:20-30kgs)
  • NO Warranty
Offer: Get 60% Off Today!Rank No. 10
Key Features of this Product:
  • Accurate and reliable - Adopts advanced technology and approved by FDA&CE, this pulse oximeter accurately determine your SpO2 and pulse rate in 5 seconds and the readings are made for 30 seconds. Error of both SpO2 and pulse rate are ±2% without exercise and ±3% after sport.
  • Bright OLED Multi Direction Display -The large and rotatable multidirectional display allows you to view your results in any direction easily, making it more convenient to test different fingers.
  • EASY OPRATION - The one button operation design makes our oxygen saturation monitor simple and convenient to use. Only need to insert one of their fingers into the photoelectric fingertip sensor, then the screen will show an accurate result clearly
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION - Equipped with two AAA batteries, the oximeter automatically powers off when not in use and delivers up to 24 continuous hours of battery life. Portable and lightweight.
  • DESIGNED FOR HOME, EXERCISE OR TRAVEL-Suitable for sports and health enthusiasts or anyone interested in measuring their SpO2 and pulse rate, such as mountain climbers, skiers, bikers. If the product has quality problems, please contact us via Amazon Mail. Compare with similar items

How does Pulse Oximeter help COVID-19 patients?

The pulse oximeter can help in keeping track of the blood oxygen level of the patient. It can be a vital tool to signal an early warning if the level of oxygen saturation in the blood is consistently falling. The patient should consult a medical expert for further analysis. Further, even in cases when it is detected, and the patient is recovering, pulse oximeter helps keep a tab on the condition and can be a lifesaver device.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, pulse oximeter has been recommended to diagnose and monitor COVID-19 symptoms. However, the device is part of the screening process and cannot detect the disease on its own. It may show low oxygen levels, which is co-related to COVID-19, but it may not be an as definitive reason, and hence the person should be tested for novel Coronavirus.

As discussed in our review article on Best Nebulizers in India, COVID-19 patient suffers from respiratory complications and may develop shortness of breath. The initial symptoms of a patient who is corona positive are similar to normal flu. This commonality of symptoms makes it is difficult to detect COVID-19 early on.

But some patients, due to COVID-19 condition, are not showing symptoms of breathlessness or discomfort leading to a condition called silent hypoxia. In this condition, oxygen reaching the tissue level is not sufficient. The lungs may also be getting involved in the disease without any noticeable symptoms. By the time the patient goes to the hospital, they are already in a critical condition. The pulse oximeter may help in early detection of COVID-19 pneumonia which, is a severe condition in some patients.

How Pulse Oximeters Measure Oxygen Levels?

Blood oxygen saturation and heart rate are measured by pulse oximeter when a ray of light passes through the skin and detects the color and movement of blood cells. While blood cells with the right amount of oxygen are bright red, others are dark red. The pulse oximeter compares both dark red and bright red cells to calculate oxygen saturation. If the reading of your pulse oximeter says 98 percent, it means two percent of blood cells have a deficiency of oxygen.

For an average healthy person, the blood oxygen saturation level is 95-100 percent. Anything below 92 percent can be termed as a critical situation and may need help to bring oxygen level back to normal. The heart rate in a normal adult ranges from 60-100 beats per minute.

The pulse oximeter runs on a battery and has an LED display to show the blood oxygen and pulse rate. The pulse oximeter has an advantage of cost and speed over other testing methodologies to measure blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Although laboratory analysis of a blood sample is the most accurate way to obtain SpO2 reading, an oximeter takes a few seconds to get this reading. The accuracy of pulse oximeter readings (usually within ±1% to 3%) is sufficient for most situations.

The device also shows your heart rate. A regular resting heart rate for adults ranges from about 60 to 100 beats per minute, although athletes with higher cardiovascular fitness will have a lower pulse.

Perfusion Index (PI) can determine the Accuracy of Pulse Oximeter readings

The perfusion index indicates the strength of the pulse. The values of the Perfusion Index range from 0.02% (very weak pulse) to 20% (extremely strong pulse). Depending on patients, physiological conditions and where is the PI measures, the perfusion index varies. Because of this variability, a baseline of PI is established for the patient for a given location. Then monitoring of the change in PI happens vis-à-vis this baseline.

The Plethysmograph (or Pleth for short), available in many pulse oximeters, represents the perfusion index in graphical mode. PI is a good indicator to check how reliable the pulse oximeter reading is. If the PI is below 0.4%, most pulse oximeters readings would be unreliable. Measurement of pulse oximeter for low PI rates adds a lot of sensitivity to the sensor, thereby making such oximeters more expensive.

Buying Guide : How to choose best pulse oximeter?

Although, it is a simple device to measure blood oxygen saturation level. Before buying the best pulse oximeter here are couple of things you should consider:

Consult a doctor

If there is a family doctor who can advise you on what kind of pulse oximeter you need, it would help you zero down the choice. Consulting a doctor also helps because he is aware of your medical history and requirements and if you need one with any special features.

Features of pulse oximeter

Check the features of various Pluse Oximeters available in the market. Some of these are critical features, whereas some non-critical features can also help you narrow down your choices. Here is a list of what you should look for in an oximeter before buying:

  • Price: Excellent pulse oximeters are available at different price points. However, you should not base your decision on prices and brand names alone. Consider buying the Pulse oximeter that offers the most optimal balance between price and features as per your requirements.
  • Certification: Although almost all oximeters for sale on the market are certified. You should verify the certification of the pulse oximeter you choose to buy.
  • Accuracy and reliability: Pulse oximeters primarily measure your oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels and pulse rate. The accuracy of the oximeter is affected by movements. So, if your hand trembles, find a model that is more tolerant to hand movements or hold your hand still while taking readings. Most of the oximeters available in the market today have an accuracy of ±3%. So check the sensitivity of the oximeter so that it consistently and reliably measure accurate results.
  • Ease of use: Usually fingertip pulse oximeters are easy to operate. To operate you need to insert your finger into the sensor and then pressing a button. For ease of reading, some oximeters display the readings in different ways. Choose a device with a large enough display screen.
  • Sensor size: It all boils down to how well your figure fits the sensor of the oximeter. Make sure you can comfortably insert your finger in the sensor. Usually, for clip-on type oximeter, this is not an issue. However, consider a pediatric pulse oximeter for children and persons with small hands for more accurate readings.
  • Other key features: There are few other features that can assist you in using the oximeter, although these could be non-essential but important for you to consider:
    • Memory: For ease of storage. It would be really great if the oximeter can save previous readings with timestamps and generate visual statistics.
    • Multi-person Capability: Can the oximeter save readings for more than one person.
    • Appearance: How easy and aesthetic is the form factor of the oximeter.
    • Power Source/Battery: Check what kind of batteries are required to provide power to the oximeter to function.
    • Accessories: What are the additional accessories the oximeter comes with such as storage case, logbook, battery, lanyard, etc.
    • App/Software for Data Analysis: Does the Oximeter provide some integration with an App or a software program to help you analyze the data.
    • Computer interface: How easy is it to integrate with a computer interface so that you can save readings for further analysis by you or your doctor.

Return Policy

Since you are buying the pulse oximeter online, do check the return policy in case you get a defective or damaged piece. While some offer return/exchange, there are manufacturers who do not have a return policy. So, keep the return policy in mind before ordering your pulse oximeter.

Pulse Oximeter FAQs

What do pulse oximeter do?

A pulse oximeter is a device to monitor the amount of oxygen carried in the body. The oximeter is a small, lightweight device that can be attached to your fingertip. The equipment sends two wavelengths through the finger to measure oxygen in your system and your pulse rate.

Why is pulse oximeter used?

The pulse oximeter can help to monitor if there is enough oxygen in the blood. The need to measure the oxygen level in blood is due to multiple reasons like 1. pre-or-post-surgery care for a patient given sedation; 2. to check if artificial breathing assistance like a ventilator is required;3. to verify the functioning of the lung; or, 4. to monitor conditions of sleep apnea (when breathing stops during sleep).

The pulse oximeter has an advantage of cost and speed over other testing methodologies to measure blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Although laboratory analysis of a blood sample is the most accurate way to obtain SpO2 reading, an oximeter takes a few seconds to get this reading. With a ±1% to 3% accuracy, the pulse oximeter readings are sufficient for most situations.

What pulse oximeter measures? 

The pulse oximeter measures the saturation of oxygen carried in your red blood cells (RBC). The device helps in determining the functioning of the heart and lungs. And, how well the supply of oxygen to the furthest part of the human body is happening.

How does pulse oximeter work?

A pulse oximeter, when attached to the fingertip, sends infrared wavelengths through the finger to measure pulse rate and oxygen level in blood and body. The principle of pulse oximetry relies on the differences between oxygenated and deoxygenated red cells in absorption of red and infrared light wavelengths.

Are pulse oximeters useful for patients suffering from novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?

COVID-19 impacts the lungs and cause severe respiratory discomfort. The pulse oximeter can not detect the status of COVID-19 infection in the patient, but it helps in detecting the oxygen levels in the blood. Since lungs pump the oxygen into the heart which distributes it throughout the body via Red Blood Cells.

The pulse oximeter can be a vital tool to track the blood oxygen level of the patient. If the patient’s level of oxygen is consistently falling, the pulse oximeter can provide an early warning signal in case the patient needs to consult a medical expert or requires intensive care. Further, even for patients recovering from COVID-19, pulse oximeter helps to keep a tab on the condition and can be a lifesaver device.

Can pulse oximeter detect covid-19 infection?

No, the pulse oximeter cannot detect Covid-19 infection and it can only detect the oxygen levels in the blood. A pulse oximeter is not the right machine to be considered for Covid-19 status. Lower blood oxygen is one of the reasons for Covid-19 and this device only tells you about the blood oxygen level. But there could be other reasons for this and you need to get the person test for Covid-19.

Are pulse oximeters accurate? 

The pulse oximeter is reasonably accurate when the patient has a regular pulse. Usually, the accuracy rate of most pulse oximeters is in the range of ±1% to 3%. If the pulse rate is very weak i.e. below 0.4% the readings of the pulse oximeters would not be accurate.

How to get accurate readings from pulse oximeters? 

To get most accurate reading on a pulse oximeter, follow these simple steps:
1). Position the device correctly. Make sure the device is neither too tight or too loose and fits well on finger, toe or ear lobe.
2). Make sure the person is sitting still. The reading may be affected if the person is shaking or shivering.
3). Remove any nail polish. Colour on nails may also impact the readings. Either remove the nail paint or try a different finger, nail or earlobe.

Where to use pulse oximeter?

The pulse oximeter is a small clip-like device that can be attached to a body part like a finger, toes, or earlobe. The index finger is best to use the pulse oximeter.

What to do if pulse oximeter reading is too low? 

The average blood oxygen level is between 75-100 mm. Pulse oximeter shows the oxygen level in blood between 95-100 percent, and anything less than 90 percent are considered dangerous. The lower oxygen levels can be due to many reasons. If the pulse oximeter shows blood oxygen saturation levels less than 90 percent, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Which pulse oximeter is best?

We have comprehensively reviewed the Top 10 Best Pulse Oximeter available in India. You can find the details here.

Can I buy a pulse oximeter online?

Pulse oximeters are available online, and there are several models from which one can choose. You can refer to our review of the Top 10 Best Pulse Oximeters in India and order the best model that suits your requirements from Amazon.

Can pulse oximeter detect heart attack?

The pulse oximeter can observe irregular heartbeat and also drop in blood oxygen levels. A heart attack is a result of reduced blood supply and oxygen to the heart muscle. It affects the heart pumping function and lowers the amount of oxygenated blood in the body. So, pulse oximeters can provide an early warning signal of a heart attack and allow medical care professionals to attend to the patient adequately.

Can pulse oximeter give false readings?

Yes, there are possibilities of pulse oximeter giving wrong readings. Usually, if the patient is moving or the hands are shaking or shivering, the readings may have a higher degree of error. Further, a warmer hand gives better readings than colder hands. So, under severe conditions, the oximeter’s measurements could be incorrect. The readings also depend on how tight or loose the device fits the patient’s finger. Lastly, as it is a device that operates on battery, under low battery conditions, the accuracy of equipment may also suffer.

What are the risks of using pulse oximeter?

As with all such devices, pulse oximeter too may have some risks such as getting wrong or incorrect reading, causing skin irritation, etc. Check with a qualified doctor about the risks involved in your case before using the pulse oximeter.

Does it matter on which finger I use the pulse oximeter?

Usually, the index finger is the most preferred finger to read the blood oxygen level. It does not matter as such which finger, toe, or ear lobe you use to get the reading.

Do long nails or nail polish have any impact on using pulse oximeter effectively?

Yes, they do have a significant impact on getting the right measurement of the oxygen saturation level. Nail polish affects the accuracy of reading, and long nails may interfere with the device fitting properly on the finger.

What happens if my oxygen level falls? What is the treatment?

There could be many reasons behind the drop in oxygen saturation levels in the blood. The medical professionals will need to diagnose the root cause of such a decline and start suitable treatment. Usually, oxygen is given to the patient via a face mask to regularise the level of oxygen saturation levels. If the drop in oxygen saturation level is significant, the patient may be put on artificial respiration using a ventilator. You should never ignore the declining oxygen levels and consult your doctor immediately.


In the post-COVID-19 era, Pulse Oximeters are a must-have device. Oximeters can not test the status of coronavirus infection of a person. They help in checking the blood oxygen levels which may be low due to a number of factors including the presence of coronavirus in the body. Pulse oximeters are easy to use and can be carried out without any difficulty. In addition to the blood oxygen level, the oximeters also help in gauging the pulse rate and pulse strength.

Based on our review of Best Pulse Oximeter, we hope you would have found the right pulse oximeter for your needs. Please do leave a comment below to share your feedback; or, if you need to know more about any specific point discussed in this article; or, in case you have any query regarding the Oximeter buying guide. We will try to respond to your comments as soon as possible.

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