7 Best Paper Shredders in India for Home and Offices

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Isn’t it unpleasant when a third person snoops into your conversation? Similar is the case with confidential information. You may have many questions regarding buying the best paper shredder for your needs. Here we have prepared a detailed Paper Shredder Buying Guide and also reviews of some of the best paper shredders available in India.

Professional individuals and Business Organizations go through a lot of paperwork consisting of private financial information, confidential deals, sensitive business information, etc. An Information leak can threaten your privacy and cause damage. A paper shredder comes to your rescue in such times.

We have also tried to answer some questions that might come to your mind when buying the paper shredder, like Why do you Need a Paper Shredding Machine? What are the benefits of using a Paper Shredder Machine? What to look for when buying a Paper Shredding Machine? etc.

The paper shredder or commonly called document shredder or simply shredder, protects confidential information by tearing the document apart into strips and bits. A paper shredder discards everything from paper to credit card and protects your information. This useful Office Appliance comes as a feasible option for handling the disposal of documents containing sensitive information at home and offices. Additionally, you can keep a paper shredding machine for homes, hospitals, and schools. It collects the rest of the discarded paper, which is recyclable later.

SToK Cross Cut Paper Shredder Review

The SToK Cross Cut ST-30CC Paper Shredder has a shredding capacity of 8 A4 Sheets with an overall thickness of 0.5 mm thickness. It can also shred CD/DVD. The bin capacity offered by this paper shredder from SToK is 21 liters. This cross-cut shredder is capable of performing for 2 minutes straight but needs a 60 minutes cooldown time.

The shredder comes with an overheat indicator and goes into standby mode once it reaches its max usage. You can start using the shredder again once the overheat indication goes off. The SToK Cross Cut ST-30-CC shredder comes with a one-year warranty.

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SToK (ST-30CC) 10 Sheet Cross Cut Paper, CD/DVD, and Credit Card Shredder with 21 Liter Large Waste Bin Capacity (1 Year Offsite Warranty)
1,119 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Shredding Capacity (at once)- 10 A4 Sheets & CD/DVD. Thickness of total 10 sheets should not be more than 0.5mm. Shred only one credit card at a time.
  • Please give 60 min of rest to the machine at least after 3 minutes of usage. SToK customer care number is provided in the user manual
  • It has 2 different slots for paper & CD/DVD/Credit Card.Shredder Dimension - 350x 220x 433(in mm).
  • Shredder Dimension - 350x 220x 433(in mm); Bin Volume - 21 L. Shred Type - Cross Cut ; Shred Size - 5x18mm & Feed Opening - 220mm. Credit card is shred into 3 pieces only
  • Inserting more than Ten (10) sheets (A4) at one pass; or if the paper is not fed squarely into the feed opening; machine can get jam and will stop working. Don't fold the paper while shredding; even if you fold it the thickness should not be more than 0.5 mm.

AGARO Stellar Paper Shredder Review

The Agaro Stellar (33461) Paper Shredder has a durable built.  Its solid steel cutters can quickly destroy paper as well as credit cards, CDs, and DVDs. The shred width of 6 mm wide can handle up to 8 A4 sheets simultaneously. It automatically stops when the paper is inserted beyond maximum capacity or due to overheating when used for more than 3 minutes. This ensures utmost safety.

This paper shredder shreds the paper into long strips. You can manually reverse the machine in case of paper jam to clear. The AGARO Stellar (33461) Paper Shredder is attractively priced and ideal for shredding and light use at home.

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AGARO Stellar 8-Sheet Strip Cut Paper with CD and Credit Card Shredder, Black, one Size (33461)
243 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Strip-cut paper shredder with 8-sheet capacity; shreds credit cards, CDs, and DVDs (one at a time)
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Shreds paper into 0.65 cm strips at a rate of 3 meters per minute
  • (no need to remove staples), destroys credit cards, cds, and dvds (one at a time).

AmazonBasics Paper Shredder Review

AmazonBasics is an in-house brand from Amazon. The AmazonBasics AS822SD Paper Shredder is a compact 8 sheet capacity shredder with 12 liters of bin capacity, ideal for homes and small businesses. It provides strip cut and is capable of shredding credit cards, CDs, and DVDs in addition to paper. The shredder is capable of running nonstop for 2 minutes but later needs a cooldown time of 15 minutes.

The shredder comes with a led indicator and a manual reverse button to deal with paper jams. You can dispose of every bill, bank statement, credit card, and any other document. Also, note that Amazon offers a 1-year limited warranty on the product. It is perfect for light use in a small business or home office.

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amazon basics 8-Sheet Strip Cut Paper With CD and Credit Card Shredder With 12 Liter Waste Basket Capacity
3,603 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Strip-cut paper shredder with 8-sheet capacity; shreds credit cards, CDs, and DVDs (one at a time), Sheet Capacity - 7 sheets of 80 gsm paper or 8 sheets of 70 gsm paper.
  • Shredder dimension -33.5 x 32 x 17 cm. 22-cm-wide paper feed with 12-litre wastebasket and thermal protection
  • Shreds paper into 0.65 cm strips at a rate of 3 meters per minute, 2 minute continuous shred time with 15 minutes cool down time.
  • Auto start and manual reverse to clear paper jams, Please check power outlet for proper power supply.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

SWAGGERS Paper Shredder Review

The SWAGGERS Micro Cut CC-11 Paper Shredder can handle 13 Sheets in one go. This heavy-duty shredder can shred paper, CDs, DVDs, Credit Cards producing low noise. It comes with a large 22 liters bin. It has a shredding speed of 2.25 m/min and can continuously run for 3 minutes.

The paper shredder from SWAGGERS shreds paper in Micro-Cut for perfect protection against identity theft for confidential personal and business documents.

Bambalio Paper Shredder Review

The Bambalio BCC-014 Paper Shredder eases the struggle of inserting individual papers for shredding. Its ability to noiselessly cross-cut through 10 sheets, with a 225 mm throat width that enables easy insertion of many documents that save time and labor.

Not only does the paper shredder from Bambalio manage to slice and dice papers, but it also destroys plastic cards, paper clips, stapler pins, CDs, DVDs, and Discs. It has a separate slot for credit and debit cards and discs. The shredder is equipped with an 18 liters bin to hold the disintegrated waste.

The Bambalio BCC-014 is an energy-saving machine with an auto-start and shut-off mechanism. It provides a motor reverse option to clear any paper jam. It has a 3 min run time with a 30 min cool-off period, making it convenient to use in the home and small office environments.

BAMBALIO 8 Sheets Cross Cut Paper/Credit Card/CD Shredder with 1 yr Warranty BCC-014
100 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • It has a duty cycle of 3 min on /30 min off, which means after usage of 3 minutes give a rest time of 30 minutes.
  • Shredding Type: Cross Cut / Shredding Size: 4X40MM
  • Shredding Capacity: 8 Sheets/1CD / Entry Width: 225MM
  • Basket Capacity: 18 Litres
  • Rated Voltage and Frequency: 220-240V-50Hz

GBC Duo Paper Shredder Review

The GBC Duo G2102560EU Paper Shredder can shred 11 sheets of 70 gsm A4 paper or 10 sheets of 80 gsm A4 paper at once. Is capable of shredding credit cards, CDs, DVDs, and paper clips or staples along with the paper. It shreds paper into 4 x 45 mm confetti cut strips at 2.5 m/min.

The GBC Duo paper shredder auto shuts for 45 mins after 2 minutes of continuous shredding. It comes with a large 17-liter bin with a viewing window that holds up to 100 sheets. It has a DIN security level of P-3 appropriate for shredding confidential documents such as internal company documents, personal data, etc. While shredding, the machine produces a sound level of 70 db.

The DUO shredder from GBC is specially built for home and small office use.

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Key Features of this Product:
  • A product of GBC from USA
  • 2 Years Machine Warranty and 5 Years Shredder Cutter Warrranty (Refer to Technical Specification for Info)
  • Shreds paper into 4 x 45 mm confetti cut strips at 2.5 m/min
  • Shreds 11 sheets of 70 gsm paper or 10 sheets of 80 gsm paper at once
  • Shreds credit cards and paper clips or staples along with the paper, Auto Oiling: No
  • For best results and to prevent motor overheating, the machine will auto-rest for 45 mins after 2 minutes of continuous shredding
  • Large 17 litre bin with viewing window holds up to 100 sheets
  • Sound level of 70 db, similar to the sound of a hair dryer
  • DIN security level of P-3 is appropriate for shredding confidential documents such as company internal documents, personal data, etc.
  • Shredding width of 220mm; Power consumption of 280 (±10%) watts; GBC is a registered trademark of ACCO Brands Corporation

OOZE Mdi Paper Shredder Review

The OOZE Mdi Ezy Shred Plus-2 paper shredder is a premium shredder that can shred a maximum of 8 sheets of A4 size paper at a time. It also has CD, DVD, credit card destroy function and comes with a 21 liters bin. An ok option to consider for home and small office use.

MDI Ezy Shred Strip Cut Paper Trimmer Shredder 7 L Waste bin
106 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Shredding Capacity (at once)- 5 Sheets (A4 size paper can only shred)(Thickness of total 5 sheets should not be more than 0.5mm)
  • Cut Type:Strip Cut & Cutting Length 2 inch Electric,Shred Type - Cross Cut / Shred Size – 4 x 20mm & Feed Opening – 220mm
  • Type of Blade Straight Auto Start & Off, Auto Reverse, Auto Clear,Shredding Capacity (at once)– 5 Sheets /1CD/1DVD/1 Credit Card. It has 2 different slots for CD/DVD/Credit Card & Paper.
  • Shredder Dimension - 330 x 155 x 297 (in mm). Bin Volume – 10 L / For better result, please give 60 min of rest to machine at least after 2 minutes of usage.
  • Type Electric 240V 5 min

What are the Best Paper Shredder Brands in India?

There are a lot of brands that offer shredder with top-class functions. We have picked the best paper shredders above based on various criteria. We have kept the use in Home and small office as our main objective to give you affordable paper shredder options from renowned brands.

Some of the best brands of paper shredders available in India are Stok, Agaro, Amazon Basic, SWAGGERS, GBC, OOZE. Online e-commerce retailers like Amazon offer a lot of paper shredding machines. You can also check out paper shredder brands like Kores, Goldstandard, Fellowes, Bonsaii, and Swingline based on their availability.

What is a Paper Shredding Machine?

A paper shredder is a motor-run machine that cuts the paper/document. It consists of blades on the top of the machine’s body, which rotate and cut the paper. As a result, the paper’s content becomes unreadable. The paper shredder also comes with an attached wastebasket to store the shredded paper.

Why do you Need a Paper Shredding Machine?

The primary need to use a paper shredder comes from safeguarding one’s privacy. Sometimes the paperwork that we discard without shredding may contain financial information or critical details of your business dealings.

Even private individuals might have letters, mailers, documents, old reports, etc that contain banking details, mobile bills, credit card statements, medial reports or other bills and taxation related matter.

If these confidential information lands on wrong hands, it can be misused and can pose heavy risk to our privacy and security.

When you use a paper shredder to cut and shred the document into tiny pieces of paper, you can ensure that the confidential information could not be used by unscrupulous persons against you.

So, the use of paper shredder before disposing of old document can provide guarantee and safety against accidental leak of private and sensitive information.

Keeping a paper shredder protects you from things like:

Identity Theft

The history recorded the first-ever use of a paper shredder as an instrument to safeguard against Identity Theft. Earlier, people used to burn their documents, but later they got introduced to an alternative in 1935. Thus, they started using a motor-driven machine to dispose of their crucial documents.

You can summarize identity theft as the illegal act of someone imitating a person. The downside of Identity Theft is that people can commit crimes or fraud under your name. You can always punish the culprit, but there are times when you can’t trace the fraudster. In such cases, prevention is better than the actual event.

The documents that can pose the risk of Identity Theft are mobile bill, bank statements, credit card statements, etc that contain your name, address, and few other critical personal information.

Even copies of your identity cards like your PAN card, Aadhar, Voter ID, Company ID etc can also be dangerous as it contains photographs along with other information like your date of birth, number, etc.

An imposter can easily access your sensitive information and misuse it. Therefore, it is essential to destroy all waste documents before you dump them in waste whether in your home or office.

Breach of Privacy

Many businesses keep records of their customers and have their details in multiple documents and reports. It may consist of details like customer names, addresses, contact particulars, monetary transactions, insurance, etc. It is necessary to protect such documents that contain private information about the consumer. Failure in privacy protection will result in information leaks and directly impact the goodwill of the business. To avoid the mishap, offices can use a commercial shredding machine to dispose of the waste documents and various internal MIS reports safely.

Enables Compliance of Shred-All Policy

Some companies have a policy of eliminating every sensitive information once they cross their preserving date. Meaning, after a stipulated time, all the documents containing sensitive information are to be safely discarded.

The information may include transactions record, customer details, account information, customer contact information, printed emails, and more. Since it is better to be safe than sorry, using a good quality paper shredder is advisable for businesses and commercial firms to get rid of old documents, including junk.

What are the benefits of using a Paper Shredder Machine?

Protection of Sensitive Information

 A document shredder is beneficial for businesses and consumers as it protects from any information leak. Transaction info, name, address, customer info, and bank statements can easily be misused if not handled carefully. A paper shredder eliminates the possibility of such accidents. The documents get turned into tiny pieces that make them hardly recognizable.

Protection of Privacy

There are privacy protection laws across the world that safeguard the people against any identity theft or breach of privacy. Disposing of documents using a paper shredder lets you protect your customer’s privacy and comply with the laws.


A paper shredding machine makes it easier for the offices and people to manage their paper waste. You don’t have to burn the paper to hide the confidential information, so there’s no environmental pollution. Plus, the paper waste is recyclable, making it a win-win situation for both nature and businesses.


Keeping a paper shredder lets you shred any file or a document anytime. You don’t have to hire a shredding company to let you finish the disposal of paper waste. Depending on the urgency, it is convenient to have a paper shredding machine within the office premises.

Space Saver

Handling the paper documents is not easy. Documents, when piled up, can become a lot to manage! The paper is a physical entity. And to store the documents, you need a proper file, folder, or even a cabinet.

Keeping many files isn’t easy and practically impossible. You cannot keep on creating physical space for so many files. A paper shredder minimizes the presence of paper waste and makes your home or office clutter-free. The disposal of paper waste saves you space and makes room for other additions.

Ease of Use

A paper shredder is easy to use. It is not a piece of complex machinery. Moreover, it is fun to watch paper get shred into tiny pieces, just like visual symmetry videos.

Types of Paper Shredder Available in the Market

Depending on the size of the paper shredder and blade design, there are many types of document shredder available in the market. Each shredder may have a different style of cutting the paper and the usage for people. The following are different types of paper shredding machines available in the market:

Strip-cut Paper Shredder

As relevant to its name, a Strip-cut paper shredder cuts the paper into strips. A strip-cut shred is easy to read as the document isn’t cut in a very detailed manner. The strip-cut works well in cutting A4-size paper. Also, it is a suitable choice for shredding non-confidential documents. The strip cut gets referred to as the Ribbon-cut or Spaghetti-cut, or Straight-cut shredder.

Crosscut Paper Shredder

A Cross-cut paper shredder cuts the paper from both sides, making it barely readable. The cross-cut shredder is an ideal choice for confidential documents. However, it offers a medium level of security. The cross-cut shredder also gets called a Confetti-cut or Diamond-cut shredder.

Micro-cut Paper Shredder

The Micro-cut shredder stays true to its name by providing minute paper cuts. The document gets shredded into tiny pieces, making it almost impossible for anyone to read the confidential document. The micro-cut shredder offers the maximum level of security. It is also known as Particle-cut or Security-cut shredder.

What to Look for when Buying a Paper Shredding Machine? – Paper Shredder Buying Guide

Even if you figure out the type of paper shredder you need for your home or office, the main stage comes when you have to look for distinct features that fit your requirements. Then only you select a Paper Shredder. Various qualities become a decisive factor while searching for a perfect paper shredding machine. Make sure you pick the best document shredder for your home on office based on the following factors:

How much Paper Shredder Capacity you need?

You might need a paper shredder for individual purposes, business, and industrial purposes. Different shredders are available in the market that will give you the services according to your needs. How do you identify that? Tick off the following question whenever you go for your document shredder hunt:

How Many Users will use the Paper Shredder?

Determine for how many people will be using the paper shredder. The shredder comes in variants depending on the number of users. One person-use shredder will have less runtime. It will also have less bin and sheet capacity, making it ideal for personal use.

How Often will you use the Paper Shredder?

The times you need to use your paper shredder also play an essential role in determining the type of shredder you want to buy. Larger sheet capacity and more run time will be a feasible option for heavy users.

How much do you have for the Paper Shredder?

Depending on the cost and capacity, you will invest in a paper shredder that comes at a reasonable price and fits your budget perfectly.

What type of items would you need to shred in the Paper Shredder?

Paper is not the only thing that people can shred. Other solid items can be shred using a paper shredder like Paperclips, Loyalty cards, ID cards, Credit cards, CDs, DVDs, and more.

Some paper shredders come with the functionality of shredding CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. While some paper shredders provide a separate slot for shredding credit cards, CDs, and DVDs, others have the same slot for paper and plastic material. Additionally, they have a separate compartment for collecting plastic to avoid mixing it with paper.

However, check the capability of the paper shredder if it can handle these materials before you try to shred credit cards, CDs etc. as it can damage their blade if your shredder does not have the ability to shred them.

There also exists a cardboard shredder that helps in dealing with cardboard waste. It does not shred cardboard only because of security reasons but also transforms the cardboard waste into eco-friendly packaging material. Heavy-duty shredders are proficient in treating cardboard waste.

Would you need a Manual or Automatic Paper Shredder?

You can divide paper shredders into two categories- Auto Shredder and Manual Shredder.

The automatic paper shredder cuts the paper by auto-feeding the paper through its input tray. The tray-like input system takes the sheets according to their capacity and shreds the documents on its own.

The advantage of having an automatic shredder is that it saves time and offers a speedy shredding process. An auto-feed shredder can shred up to a hundred to five hundred sheets in one go!

A manual paper shredder is a classic shredder that gets paper fed through hands. The document that a shredder can handle at one time depends on its sheet capacity.

A shredder with low sheet capacity requires multiple feeding, whereas a shredder with high sheet capacity requires less paper feeding. The overall process in a manual shredder could become time-consuming and may not be ideal for you if your need is to shred bulky bundles of documents.

Features of Paper Shredder

Sheet Capacity of Paper Shredder

It is impossible to stuff all the documents at one go unless you have a million-dollar industrial shredder. Every shredder can shred a certain number of sheets at one go. A generic shredder will let you cut at least three sheets, whereas a better paper shredder will let you shred thirty paper at a time.

If you have a moderate use, you can opt for a shredder that gives you up to 10-20 sheet capacity at a time. Heavy users can look for a heavy-duty paper shredder.

Wastebasket Capacity of Paper Shredder

When your documents get cut down into strips, confetti-cut, and micro-cut, they become a waste. It is almost like having a residue or ashes after a fire burns out. Every paper shredder comes with a wastebasket to collect the leftover of the confidential document. And depending on the need and sheet capacity of the shredder, the wastebasket capacity also changes.

Some shredders may open from the top, while some may have a slider wastebasket. Also, a higher wastebasket capacity will let you store more waste, which will decrease the times you need to empty the basket. Choose the wastebasket depending on your personal usage requirements.

Paper Shredder Run-time

Run-time is the timeframe within which the paper shredder can operate without needing a cooldown time. A generic shredder will run for a few minutes. Smaller office and home use paper shredders can run for thirty minutes, whereas industrial shredders don’t need a cooldown time!

Paper Shredder Speed

It is essential to use a productive paper shredder to make the most out of it. Choose the shredder that offers uninterrupted fast shredding.

Paper Shredder Safety Features

Unlike other electronic devices, a paper shredder’s main task is to shred paper via blades. The shredding device, if not operated carefully, can harm you. Keep hazardous devices away when not in use, especially from kids. Before buying a paper shredder, check if it has a safety sensor and safety lock.

The purpose of a safety lock is to lock the shredder even when it’s plugged. The safety sensor detects the presence of hands, so whenever you bring your hand close to the shredder, it will shut off.

Noise Level of Paper Shredder

Make sure your paper shredder doesn’t contribute to too much noise pollution. Too much noise can be an inconvenience for you and the people around you. So, make sure you pick a shredder that produces low noise.

Handling Paper Jams

Paper jam in a shredder occurs when there is too much to put in the shredding machine. A paper jam can be a hindrance for sure. Make sure you buy the paper shredder that suits your needs so that you don’t overload it.

Some shredders can get fixed by tending the motor, but those shredders are expensive. Remember, never overload your shredder, don’t shred materials that a shredder cannot cut, and maintain the shredder regularly and timely.

Energy Saving Mode

As a part of a community that makes genuine efforts towards minimizing energy consumption, look for a paper shredder that comes with energy-saving technology. The machine comes with an energy-saving mode in which it will automatically shut off when not in use.

Keeping the shredding device in standby mode will make it consume less energy. If you don’t have the energy-saving feature, then unplug it after every use.

Where can you buy the Best Paper Shredder for your home or office?

You can pick up the best paper shredder machines suitable for your needs from Online retailers like Amazon at a reasonable price range. Moreover, you can also get the benefit of special deals and offers which are available on multiple brands.


Every organization and individual have a right to privacy, not just by ethics but by law too. To make sure confidential things get handled with the utmost care, choose the best paper shredder that is not only proficient at its work but durable and long-lasting. With such a detailed buying guide, we are sure that you will be able to find your perfect paper shredder for your needs soon.

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