10 Best Nutri Blenders in India – What to consider when buying this Ultimate Smoothie Maker

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Do you want nutritious yet easy-to-prepare Smoothies and meals? The best way is by using a high-quality Nutri Blender. We have listed the Best Nutri Blenders in India for you to consider.

Why Nutri Blender? Nutri blenders are great for people looking to lose weight. They help you consume fewer calories while getting all nutrients from fruit and veggies in one glass of tasty drink. These blenders are designed for the modern person who wants healthy, fresh, and fast meals.

If losing weight is your main priority, you should check out our Nutri Blender Buying Guide. We have also shared our picks for the Best Nutri Blenders in India to assist you. We will go through some of the most critical factors you need to consider when purchasing a Nutri Blender.

We will also look at some pros and cons of Nutri blenders. Understand what makes Nutri Blenders different from hand blenders and why you should get one soon.

What is a Nutri blender?

A Nutri Blender is a powerful blender that can process whole fruits and vegetables into delicious smoothies in just seconds. Nutri blenders are great for people who want to add more fruit and vegetable servings into their diet. You get the best nutrients from the food you eat or when you wish to lose weight following a healthy lifestyle.

These single-serve blenders are small, making it easy to blend a variety of meals fast. Especially if you have a busy lifestyle or are always on the move.

It has a bullet-shaped container in which you put the items you want to blend. Then using the lid, you close the container, invert it to attach to the device and start blending.

Nutri blenders typically have very high RPMs (revolutions per minute), which means they create much less heat during operation than regular household blenders.

The models of Nutri Blenders from prominent Brands like AGARO Nutri Blender, Wonderchef Nutri-Blend, and Nutribullet PRO High-Speed Blender are available. These blenders are small yet powerful. They offer you excellent power and blending performance for your need.

List of Top 10 Best Nutri Blenders in India

There are many options available when it comes to Nutri Blenders. We have hand-picked these 10 Nutri Blenders for you keeping in mind all the factors that are relevant for any normal buyer. Such as price, performance, brand quality, durability, and feedback from previous buyers.

This will help you get started with your evaluation. If you wish to know how you can choose the model that is best for your personal needs and requirements, read on, we will cover that in the Nutri Blender Buying Guide.  

Nutri Blender Buying Guide

Nutri blenders are gaining popularity due to their flexibility in making single and double-serving beverages.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of Nutri Blenders?

The most significant advantage of the Nutri Blenders are given here:

  • They are lightweight and portable. These bullet blenders are powerful, and their small size makes them easy to store and carry around, even in your backpack, while traveling.
  • They are available in an affordable range and provide versatile performance.
  • You can do various tasks, including mixing protein shakes, crushing ice, blending fruits and veggies, or even chopping nuts.
  • You can save time by using a decent bullet blender if you’re always on the go. You may blend your tasty and refreshing meal at any moment or place.
  • No need to carry additional items as the mixing container of this personal blender can also serve as your tumbler to drink the smoothie you make.

The Biggest disadvantage of Nutri Blender is that

  • They are a bit noisier than other types of hand blenders and mixers.

Why should you consider buying a Nutri Blender?

If you’re looking for an alternative way of cooking because your schedule doesn’t allow it, then Nutri Blender might be what you need!

They can turn raw foods into smoothly textured drinks. Your bullet blender can chop nuts, crush ice, blend fruits, and mix other liquids into tasty smoothie recipes.

You do not require elaborate preparation time when using Nutri Blenders as compared to other countertop Juicers Mixers and Grinders. All you need to do is to buy your favorite fruits and vegetables, put them into Nutri Blender’s high-speed blending cup, press the blend button, and wait just a few seconds. The Nutrient-rich smoothie is ready for you to enjoy!

The Nutri Blender is ideal for preparing sauces and vinaigrettes and pureeing baby food, making smoothies, and cutting tiny portions of herbs and vegetables.

What factors should you consider when buying Nutri Blender?

Before you go out and buy your own blender, consider the following factors to select which ones are the most essential for you. They will help you choose the best Nutri blender for yourself. Of course, we have provided the list of Top 10 Best Nutri Blenders for you to have a look at.


How much do Nutri Blender costs could be one of the main factors you might have in mind. Multiple Nutri blender models are available at different price points. Yet, price and budget is usually the important factor that affects your decision of which Nutri blender to buy.

Remember, a higher price or more features doesn’t always translate into the Best Nutri Blender for you. If budget is a concern, then can get good Nutri blenders anywhere in the range of INR 2000 to 3500. You should consider if the model offers you the key functionality you would use most often.

If budget isn’t an issue, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for the best-rated Nutri blender on Amazon that may cost above INR 3500 that may offer more power, attachments, versatile features to take your nutritious blending to next level.

Overall size

The most remarkable feature of these personal Nutri blenders is that they take up minimal space. They can fit almost anywhere in the kitchen for storage. They are ideal for modern kitchens that are open and have fewer storage spaces. Check the size of the chosen model and consider your personal storage and portability needs when selecting the model that best suits you.

Cup capacity

The capacity of your Nutri Blender, which is also known as cup capacity is another crucial thing to consider. If you’re making a smoothie or shake for yourself on your own, you don’t need a bigger cup capacity.

However, you’ll still need sufficient space to put all the fruits and vegetables you want to blend. Choose a cup capacity that goes well with your food preferences to not become a constraint.


The blades are crucial in a Nutri Blender. Look for stainless steel blades. Choosing a model that provides removable blades might extend the life of your blender and make it less likely to break.

These removable blades also enable cleaning after making a smoothie or protein shake a lot easier. You can simply remove the blades from the blender and put them in the dishwasher or hand-wash them with soap under running water.


Nutri blenders are smaller in size. Their containers are usually made from plastic, making them lighter and less prone to breaking. Look at the material of the container and the body of the Nutri Blender you have on your shortlist and select the best build and material quality.

Undoubtedly, you would like to use your Nutri Blender for an extended period without worrying about the odors and stains. Fortunately, you may easily maintain that by cleaning and running your blender through with soap and water after every use.

Speed Settings and Modes

Typically, these portable blenders come with just a few speeds options. Two-three speed choices are more than adequate for most tasks. You may use the pulse function available in some models. It lets you significantly regulate the mixing process more than simply letting it run on its own.


You’ll notice that the power of a personal blender is generally considerably lower than those of other juicers, mixers, and grinders. You get Nutri Blenders with power ranging from 400w to 1000w.

However, you should also be aware that power isn’t everything. The design and form of the blade and the container’s shape all have an impact on how effectively the Nutri Blender works.

Accessories and Add-ons Offered

Before you buy the Nutri Blender, you might want to check the number and sizes of Portable Cups and Lids that come along with the blender. Also, check if the model comes with Recipe Booklet to give you a jumpstart in blending tasty smoothies.

Safety Features

Look at the Kid Safe Features, especially if you have children in the house.

Automatic programs

Personal blenders are a great addition to any kitchen. They allow you to create delicious smoothies and other drinks with ease, but they can also do more than that. With these wonderful machines, you may come to find out that they don’t include many pre-programmed functions for chopping, grinding, pureeing, or something similar. They usually come with just the push-button option to do their job.


Nutri Blenders are a bit louder when compared to other types of mixers and grinders. If you are living in a space that shares a wall with others, have patients in your family or elderly members, you’ll want your blender to be as quiet as possible.

The primary source of noise in mixer grinders is generally the motor and the blender’s material. So, pick a Nutri Blender with lesser noise levels while providing all other crucial features you need in your personal blender.


You should also verify the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Nutri Blender FAQs

How to use a Nutri blender?

To use your Nutri Blender, you need to put the fruits, vegetables, Nuts, Ice, and other items in the bullet-shaped container as per your recipe choice. Close the container using the lid that also has the mixing blades. Invert the container and attach it to the device, and press the button to start blending. In a few seconds, your tasty recipe will be ready.

Are Nutri blenders better than hand blenders?

The Nutri blenders and Hand Blenders both have their own uses. While Nutri Blenders are more suited to make Smoothies and Blending Drinks, Hand Blenders are better in making purees, mixing drinks, and whipping cream.

Which Nutri blender is best?

The best value-for-money Nutri Blenders available in India are AGARO Nutri Blender, Wonderchef Nutri-Blend, and Nutribullet PRO High-Speed Blender. They offer you excellent power and blending performance for your need.

Details and Reviews of Best Nutri Blenders

Offer: Get 43% Off Today!
AGARO Marvel Nutri Blender, BPA Free 2 Tritan Jars, 1000W, 100% Copper Motor, 2 Speed Modes with Pulse, Detachable Base, Stainless Steel Blades, Blend, Mix, Grind, Smoothie, Juice Maker, Black
1,260 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • New Improved Design &Power : High torque 1000 Watts Nutritional Power Blender with 100% copper motor. 1 min auto-cycle times
  • New improved blades : Stainless Steel blades
  • BPA-Free Tritan material Jars, which can withstand -15° C to 85° C temperature range
  • High Speed: 22,000 rpm w/o load & Low Speed: 12,000 rpm w/o load, 1 year warranty
  • Makes delicious smoothies, thick shakes, nut butters, sauces, dips and for dry grinding too
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Key Features of this Product:
  • INDIA'S FINEST: Nutri-blend is India's best-selling mixer-grinder thanks to its powerful motor, beautiful looks, unbreakable transparent jars, and incredible performance
  • MIX: Grind Blend in just 30 seconds: - Make chutneys, healthy smoothies, and grind dry masalas & spices in just 30 seconds
  • POWERFUL 100% FULL COPPER MOTOR: Grind the toughest chutneys and masalas with the 400 W, incredibly high speed of 22,000RPM copper motor - twice that of normal mixer-grinders
  • SURGICAL-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: Extract every ounce of immunity-enhancing antioxidants, pain-relieving Omega 3s, proteins, vitamins & minerals from your foods with the super sharp blades rotating at high speed
  • TRANSPARENT & UNBREAKABLE JARS: Monitor the progress without opening the jars. Use the tall jar (500ml) with a 4-wing blade for mixing-blending and the short jar (300ml) with a 2-wing flat blade for grinding.
  • EASY OPERATION: Easy push & twist operation. Positive locking of the jars to avoid damages. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe.
  • ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM: Start with 2 jars, and add a chopper, food processor, juicer, and bigger jar anytime for your different needs.
  • 2 YEAR ON-SITE WARRANTY: Peace-of-mind with reliable Wonderchef warranty with the best after-sales service in over 20,000 pin codes across India.
  • WARRANTY: Wonderchef products are inspired by Italian Design and adhere to German Quality Standards. They are covered by reliable Wonderchef Warranty. T&C apply.
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Nutribullet Pro 900W Champagne Gold, 12 Pcs Set, Usa #1 Mixer / Grinder / Smoothie Maker, 'The Original ', Food Processor, Best Blender, 3 Unbreakable Jars, 2 Blade Set (Wet & Dry) - 900 Watts
2,470 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Includes 1-900W Motor Base, 1-709ml of tall cup, 1-532ml short cup with holder, 1-532ml short cup, 1-emulsifying blade, 1-lip ring, 1- flat blade, 2 lids, 1 pocket nutritionist, user book with recipe
  • High-torque power base with powerful 900-watt motor
  • Handy countertop appliance that can pulverizes the toughest fruits, vegetables, seeds, and superfoods for nutritious protein shakes, nut butters and green smoothies
  • The unique bullet shape of the cups is the secret to the effectiveness of the Nutribullet It comes with two Short Cups (532 ml) and a Tall Cup (709 ml) with lid and seasoning cap
  • Compact and consumes less space as compared to the bulky food processors and mixers You can drink from the same container you blend in as the blending jar doubles as a travel cup
Balzano High Speed Nutri-PRO Mixer/Juicer/Grinder/Blender-(Powerful 1200Watts)-Blender for Smoothies and Juices/Smoothie Blender, Nutri Blender, Blender for kitchen, Portable Blender, Silver,9 Pcs set
573 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Engineered & Designed in Italy: Authentic and superior juicer mixer grinder developed with Indian expertise by Balzano, a leader in commercial and consumer mixing, grinding and blending
  • Superior mixing and grinding: Expertly designed system lets you effortlessly mix and grind the toughest ingredients in Indian cooking both wet and dry from turmeric and coconut to idli batter
  • Commercial-grade components: Powerful 1200 watt rated motor with overload protection for continuous operation, BPA free Tritan Jars with Tritan material Imported from USA
  • Advanced One touch Operation: 3 program settings for the perfect control including Pulse function and intelligent speed sensor for precise rpm regardless of food load
  • Double safety interlock system: Jar and lid must be securely in place before blade or coupler will spin for a Convenient hands-free grinding
  • Universal blades: Specially designed construction made with hardened stainless steel easily handles every ingredient with no need to change the blade whether used for Grinding or blending
  • Easy use and quick clean: One touch push button operation, Easy to operate, clean, detachable, easily washable parts and Dishwasher Safe
  • Leak-proof BPA Free Tritan Jars: Will not leak, crack or dent thanks to robust double ball bearing cutter assemblies, premium stainless steel, and shatterproof tritan lids and locking tabs
  • Power: 1200 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 - 240 volts
  • 2 Years (1 Year Product Warranty + 1 Year free extended warranty after you register on Balzano website) Limited warranty against physical damage
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Key Features of this Product:
  • With a powerful 400 W motor made from solid copper, this electric blender reaches 22,000 rpm , crushes soft and hard ingredients with ease. Just press your hand on the blender and it will deliver smooth products in less than 1 minute.
  • Versatile Kitchen Blender: Making healthy shakes and smoothies, sporty protein drinks, baby food puree, fruit and vegetable juice, grinding coffee, nuts, spice, and beans...you can do all that in your kitchen at home professionally with this multi-functional personal blender.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty; Recipe book is to be downloaded it is not phycsical book
  • Easy Clean: No one likes to clean up the mess, so we make it as easy as possible for you. Simply take the blade part (yes, it's detachable) and cup to the tap and rinse them with tap water and it would look brand new. They are also safe for the top rack in a dishwasher.
  • Volume: 500 Ml, 500 Ml, 300 Ml, Body Material: Copper, Blade Material: Stainless Steel
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Key Features of this Product:
  • Performance with Style: India's favourite Mixer-Grinder-Blender, Nutri - blend, is the perfect combination of superior performance and superb styling that adds beauty to your kitchen
  • Nutri - blend CKM (Complete Kitchen Machine) comes with extra attachments – a big 1150 ml Juicer Jar, an exciting 600 ml Chopper, offering an all-in-one solution that functions as a mixer, grinder, blender, juicer and chopper. The Long Jar (500ml) comes with 4-wing blade for mixing-blending and the Short Jar (300ml) with 2-wing flat blade for grinding to make all kinds of chutneys, shakes, smoothies and masalas
  • Powerful 100% Full Copper Motor: The compact yet powerful machine grinds the toughest of chutneys and masalas, and ensures nutrition extraction from all fruits and veggies thanks to its incredibly high speed of 22,000 RPM, which is almost twice that of normal mixer-grinders
  • Stainless Steel Blades: Super quality surgical stainless steel blades are able to grind everything and stay sharp despite working at high speeds. They extract every ounce of immunity enhancing anti-oxidants, pain relieving Omega 3s, proteins, vitamins & minerals from your foods
  • Trademark Design: The attractive trademark flower design stands apart and is a symbol of health and quality. It’s a reflection of your refined taste in the kitchen
  • Compact and consumes less space as compared to the bulky juicers and mixers.
  • Safety: Its Safety Lock mechanism makes it one of the safest device to use as the machine won’t turn on until the jar gets fixed and locked to the body.
  • 2 YEARS WARRANTY & AFTER SALES SERVICE: Reliable Wonderchef warranty with the best after sales service in over 12,000 pin codes across India.
  • ITALIAN DESIGN AND GERMAN QUALITY STANDARDS: Wonderchef products draw inspiration from Italian design and adhere to German quality standards, ensuring exceptional performance and durability.
  • Burning smell during first few usage is normal due to varnish coating on motor and will stop after few usage cycles.
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Glen 4048 Blender (Black)
9 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
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Balzano High Speed Nutri-PRO Bullet Mixer Grinder (Powerful 500W) Blender for Smoothies and Juices/Smoothie Maker - 2 Jars & 2 Blades, Mixer Grinder with Pulse Function, Italian Design & Technology
4,217 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • ENGINEERED & DESIGNED IN ITALY AND MADE IN INDIA : Authentic and superior juicer mixer grinder developed with Indian expertise by Balzano, a leader in commercial and consumer mixing, grinding and blending. The Balzano Nutri Blender 500W is designed in Italy and made in India.
  • SUPERIOR MIXING AND GRINDING : Expertly designed system lets you effortlessly mix and grind the toughest ingredients in Indian cooking both wet and dry from turmeric and coconut to idli batter, smoothies and much more.
  • COMMERCIAL-GRADE COMPONENTS : Powerful 500 watt rated motor with overload protection for continuous operation, BPA free Tritan Jars with Tritan material Imported from USA
  • SINGLE KNOB OPERATION : Get the perfect control of your Balzano Nutri Blender 500W with just one single knob. Easy twist operation allows you to pulse and blend or grind.
  • DOUBLE SAFETY INTERLOCK SYSTEM : Jar and lid must be securely in place before blade or coupler will spin for a Convenient hands-free grinding
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADES : Specially designed blending blade and grinding blade makes it easy to get the finest results is very less time.
  • LEAK-PROOF BPA FREE TRITAN JARS : Will not leak, crack or dent thanks to robust double ball bearing cutter assemblies, premium stainless steel, and shatterproof tritan lids and locking tabs
  • BLENDER FOR SMOOTHIE AND JUICES : The Balzano Nutri Blender is specially designed with keeping smoothie lovers in mind. With pulse button operation you can now make smoothies as per your desired texture. This smoothie blender is best for fitness lovers as you can make your smoothies instantly.
  • INCLUDES : 1-500ml tall cup, 1-250ml small cup, 1-motor, 1-Instruction manual, 1- Grinding blade, 1- Blending Blade
  • WARRANTY : 1 Year warranty on product + 5 Years warranty on Motor from the date of Invoice. Please register your warranty on our website to activate the warranty. (Limited Warranty Against Physical Damage)


As you can see, there are a lot of Nutri Blenders in India to choose from. We hope this article has helped make the decision process easier by narrowing down your options and providing information about what features matter most when buying a blender.

If you’ve been considering purchasing one for some time now, don’t hesitate any longer! The benefits of having a Nutri Blender far outweigh all other considerations. What’s more, you can avail of various offers available to you from online retailers like Amazon. So, don’t wait any longer. Get your personal bender now!

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