10 Best Kitchen Knife Sets in India How To Choose the Right Set For Your Needs

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You want the best kitchen knife set, but you don’t know what to look for? You’ve come to the right place. I’m going to help you make the right decision.

A few months ago, I set out on a mission to find the best kitchen knife set. What should have been an easy task quickly became a difficult one as I found myself overwhelmed by all of the options and reviews for each model!

Some people think that all sets of knives are created equal; this is not true! There are many different types of blades, handles, and materials used in making these sets. It’s essential to understand how they differ to decide which one will work best for your needs.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Sets in India

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top kitchen knife sets that you can consider and also the Buying Guide for Kitchen Knife Set that will explain how you can go step by step in picking the right Knife set for your culinary needs.

Buying Guide for Kitchen Knife Set

One of the most underappreciated yet essential tools in the kitchen and dining segment is a good set of knives. A well-made knife can make your time in the kitchen more accessible and enjoyable, with safer and better results. Here are the essential points you should consider when buying a Kitchen Knife Set.

How to select the kitchen knife set?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a kitchen knife. The size, shape, and type of Blade will all affect how well it works for you. Here is a crux of how to select the perfect kitchen knife set for your needs. I hope it helps!

Type of Knives in the Set

The first important thing is to understand what kind of knives are in the set. For example, if you’re just cooking for one or two people at home, then it might be enough to have a couple of chef’s knives and maybe an all-purpose knife. If there are four of us living together, though, then we’ll need more than that!

Consider your Usage

You should also consider how often you use your Blade before purchasing them because some blades will wear out quicker than others. Check out the section explaining the features of different types of Kitchen Knives to see which ones are crucial for you to have in your Kitchen Knife Set.


The best knife set is made out of high-quality materials that are strong, durable, and long-lasting. The strength of any knife is pretty much also a consequence of the material it is made up of. It has a significant impact on the strength, sharpness, and durability of the knives in the set.

  • Stainless Steel: Steel is the most commonly used material and offers excellent strength and durability. They are highly resistant to rust and do not get corroded easily.
  • Carbon steel: Carbon steel is a kind of steel made of iron and carbon, excluding chromium. They make the sharpest blades with ultra-durable edges. But, they can get stained and discolored from acidic food.
  • Ceramic Blades: Ceramic blades are very light in weight and enjoy the favor of professional chefs. They are considered more hygienic and are carved with stylish patterns. The only major disadvantage of ceramic blades is their fragility.  They need to be handled very carefully.

Knives Parts and Build Quality

When it comes to different parts of knives, three main areas are most crucial for you to check:

  1. Cutting edge (the sharpened side of the Blade),
  2. Tang (the metal that extends into the handle).
  3. Handel (the part that you hold while using the Knife)

Safety Features

Don’t forget about safety features like added guards on handles so it won’t slip out of your hands when wet or steaming hot foods come into contact with your fingers.

Does it include a knife sharpener

Another vital thing to check is if the Knife Sharpner comes as part of the set. It is essential as it can extend the ease and usability of the knife set. Because good knives need to be sharpened regularly too.

Price and Budget

After carefully evaluating the type of knives, materials, quality, and safety, it’s time to consider how much you are willing to spend on the set. You should also keep in mind your budget before finalizing any purchase.

There you have it! You have narrowed it down to the Best Knife Set for your kitchen!

Parts of the Kitchen Knife – Understanding their Importance

You should know the Anatomy of the Knive if you plan to go shopping for the Best Knive Set to add to your kitchen tools. The quality, convenience, and durability of the knives are all dependent on the various parts of the Knife.

So let us have a quick understanding of the Structure of the Kitchen Knife:

Tip/Point: The last portion of the blade is known as the Knife’s tip or point. This is typically sharpened to a fine point, and it may be used to pierce or score food’s surface. It’s also suitable for fine chopping and cutting.

Blade: Main body of the Knife that is used to cut is the Blade. It is generally made from steel, although it can also be ceramic, titanium, or even polycarbonate.

Edge: Edge is the sharpened side of the blade. It may be serrated (for bread knives) or straight. The sharp edge does the main work of cutting and slicing. The sharpness of the Knife is determined by how fine the edge is ground. This is dependent on both the Knife’s quality and how often you sharpen it.

Spine: The spine is the blunt side of the blade. Its thickness provides strength to the blade of the Knife. It also contributes to knife balance. In general, the thicker the spine, the stronger the Knife.

Bolster: The bolster is the metal between the handle and the cutting edge of the Knife. It allows for a bit of gap between the chef’s hand and the blade, preventing fingers from sliding down onto the blade while chopping. It also adds to the Knife’s weight, allowing it to be balanced.

Heel: The Knife’s heel is the farthest from the tip and is closest to the bolster. It’s typically the thickest portion of the blade. This edge section is most often utilized when more strength or pressure is required to chop through thicker or more tenacious foods.

Tang: The tang is the unsharpened portion of the blade that connects the edge to the handle. The tang is often ignored but is the most critical part of the Knife. It is crucial for the Knife’s overall balance, weight, stability, and strength. A “full-tang” design where the tang extends till the butt end of the Knife is the best.

Handle: The handle, often known as a “scale,” is the knife part that the chef grasps when using it. It can be constructed of various materials, like wood, fiber, polycarbonate, etc. Some knives may have the handle, too, made of a single piece of steel. The handle may have finger grooves and other ergonomic features to make holding easier.

Rivets or Handle fasteners: The screws which fix the tang and the handle together are called rivets or handle pins. A good knife will have a better quality of rivets as they are crucial in firmly holding the blade in place. Cheaper knives may have rivets made of polycarbonate or epoxy.

Butt: The bottom of the Knife’s handle, at its very end.

Types of Kitchen Knives

Obviously, look for the different knives you get as part of the set you consider buying. More Knife in the Knives Set doesn’t always make it better.

Look for the type of knives you would need based on your cuisine and your cooking habits. As you know, a set of kitchen knives is said to be the chef’s extended arm. A usual set includes the following types of knives.

Santoku Knife

Santoku Knife consists of a straighter blade and has tiny patterns or indentations. These help the food sliced slide off the surface of the Knife quickly. It is used for slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing various ingredients. It can be called an all-purpose knife, parallel to the chef’s Knife.

Chef’s Knife

As the name suggests, Chef’s Knife is an all-purpose, versatile tool. Its length is around 20 to 25 centimeters and has a round tip at the end of the blade. Undoubtedly, it is a must-have for professional chefs in their kitchen. From chopping and mincing small ingredients to cutting through flesh, they can do it all.

Carving Knife

Carving Knives are used mainly to chop large portions of meat. They ascertain more precision and are sharper. Added with indentations on the side of the blade, which allow the food to slide off. They are longer in shape and are easy to cut through large pieces of beef, pork, or turkey.

Bread Knife

Bread knives are known for their long saw-toothed edges, which enable them to carve through soft, fluffy, or crusty bread smoothly and precisely without knocking the air out of the sponge. It is also used to slice through bagels, baguettes, and rolls. They can also shape and slice through cakes, giving them a smoother shape and better texture.

Utility knife

Comparatively smaller in size than a chef’s Knife, utility knives are used to chop and slice small to mid-sized vegetables. Their handy size helps in cutting through small portions of meat, fish, and other raw materials.

Boning knife

Boning knives have supremely narrowed yet flexible blade which is used to remove the skin from the bones. It can cut through those connective tissues and joints where other knives fail to perform. It helps to debone cuts of meat more efficiently hence reducing the waste in the procedure.

Paring Knife

Paring knives have a fine thin blade that is tremendously sharp. It is instrumental in peeling, chopping, and mincing. It has a unique construction with both straight and serrated edges.

Steak knives

Steak knives are used more at dining tables than in the kitchen arena. They help slice through steaks in a very smooth manner, like butter.

Tourne knife

Tourne knives have a short, curved blade that is similar to the beak of a bird. The shape helps in creating round shapes. It is also a beneficial asset in peeling spherical raw materials efficiently.

Meat cleaver

The meat cleaver is large rectangular-shaped knives serving multiple purposes. Primarily used to chop through bones, they can also help small purposes like crushing garlic. Though they come in various sizes, they are considered more dangerous given the shape and sharpness of the blade. You should only use this Knife if you can handle it correctly or under a professional’s guidance.

Butter Knife

A butter knife is made of a softer, flattened blade with a curved edge. It is blunted, which helps the diners spread butter evenly without scraping the bread. They are essential in the culinary set.

Details and Reviews of Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Sets

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Key Features of this Product:
  • High carbon stainless steel blades for durability and long lasting sharpness while providing a precise razor sharp cutting edge that will keep you slicing time and again
  • All-in-one complete set of specialized kitchen knives consist of 13 professional knives, kitchen scissors, peeler, a premium quality 2 stage knife sharpeners and a modern acrylic knife stand
  • The durable non-stick colour coated blades of kitchen knives makes it a breeze to slice and clean
  • The ergonomically designed knife handle provide you with a superior comfort & non slip grip for better control and balance
Key Features of this Product:
  • Haus Alchemy Professional Knife Set Including 8” Scissor 1.8mm, 8” Chef Knife 2.5mm, 8” Bread Knife 2.5mm, 8" Slicer Knife 2.5mm, 5" Utility Knife 2.0mm, 3.5" Paring Knife 2.0mm, & Acrylic Stand.
  • Ergonomic easy-grasping slip resistant handle, excellent weight and balance, this high-grade laser polished stainless-steel knives allows you to achieve professional results every time.
  • Complete your kitchen with this Haus Alchemy 7-piece professional kitchen knife set, an essential addition to every home. This essential set also comes with color box packaging, making it the ideal gift for any culinary enthusiast.
  • All blades crafted of 3CR13 stainless-steel, sharp, and durable for daily use. With stainless steel lacer polish, spinning acrylic stand.
  • Caution: Keep out of reach of the children, the blades are very sharp. Cleaning Instruction: After using, clean the knives and scissors with warm water and wipe off with dry cotton cloth and store it in the acrylic stand.
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Key Features of this Product:
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel Food Grade Blades for durability and long lasting sharpness, while providing a precise, razor sharp cutting edge that will keep you slicing over and over. Stain resistant
  • All-in-one complete Kitchen Knife set includes 8" Chef Knife,7" Sankotu Knife, 5" Utility Knife, 4.5 " Steak Knife, 8" Slicing Knife, 8" Bread Knife and 3.5" Paring Knife along with 8" Knife sharpener and a wooden case
  • Triple Riveted knife handles makes the knife more durable, provides more stability and control
  • The ergonomically designed knife handles provides you with a superior comfort & non slip grip for better control and balance
  • To be hand washed only
Key Features of this Product:
  • Comfortable Soft Touch Handles
  • Sleek, Modern Acrylic Block
  • Non-stick blades
  • Stunning design that really makes a statement
  • 10 Year manufacturers Guarantee
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Key Features of this Product:
  • This 8- Piece Stainless Steel Professional Kitchen Knife Set, Precision Sharp Knives and Stylish Rotating Holder
  • Use these knives for just about anything from cutting meat and fish to chopping fruits, vegetables, herbs and even cheese! It's perfect for customized use with a wide range of foods.
  • This sleek, stylish and functional cutlery knife block set makes a great gift for a variety of occasions! It makes the perfect housewarming or hostess gift and is a special treat for all the chefs in your life!
  • kitchen knife set is constructed of non-stick, coated blades that ensure long lasting durability and cleanliness Contemporary 7 Piece German Stainless Steel Professional Kitchen Knife Set, Precision Sharp Knives and Stylish Rotating Holder.
  • For ultimate comfort and safe use, each knife features a soft, ergonomic handle for a secure grip when cutting. With a balanced weight and solid design, these knives make slicing and dicing easy.
Richardson Sheffield Artisan Stainless Steel Natural Kitchen Block Set, Set of 6
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Key Features of this Product:
  • High Quality Stainless Steel The finest quality steel creates much harder and stronger blades.
  • High Quality Stainless Steel The finest quality steel creates much harder and stronger blades.
  • Pioneering Micro-Serration Technology Our 'Never Need Sharpening' blades have our ground-breaking laser technology on each blade.
  • Non-Slip, Soft Grip Handles Ergonomic and designed for comfort.
  • Angled Cook Book/ Device Holder Our first knife block with a small device shelf, allowing you to follow recipes with ease whilst cooking.
  • 15 Year Guarantee No quibbles guarantee on the workmanship and materials of the knives, we promise to repair or replace free of charge.
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Fruitalite 7 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set with Acrylic Stand & Sharpener- Stainless Steel Blades with Non-Stick Coating | Premium Professional Sharp Chef Knives | Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle- Black
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Key Features of this Product:
  • ALL IN 7-IN-1 SET: Fruitalite 7 Piece set includes- 8” Chef Knife | 8” Slicing Knife | 8” Bread Knife | 5” Utility Knife | 3” Paring Knife | 2 Stage Sharpener | Acrylic Stand
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY AT ITS BEST: The best materials to update your cooking! This stainless-steel knife set gives you superior blades coated with nonstick paint plus ergonomic pp handles. Sharp, sturdy & practical. No rust, stains or pitting here!
  • A MULTI-PURPOSE KITCHEN DÉCOR MUST: Multipurpose chef knife set is the perfect combination of design & durability essential for every day kitchen needs, featuring knives for all purposes
  • PREMIUM & STYLISH ACRYLIC STAND: Transparent acrylic stand & Black knife set is stylish & elegant. Acrylic stand is for space efficient storage. Transparent acrylic stand allows you to see what kind of knife you're pulling out
  • LONG-LASTING RAZOR SHARPNESS: All-purpose cooking knife is made w/ high quality 3Cr13 stainless steel for long-lasting sharpness & can withstand years of repeated use
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Key Features of this Product:
  • This knife set's includes paring, utility, carving, bread, meat, and vegetables knives that makes meal prepping easier, faster, and more enjoyable for every skill level.; This top grade knife is functional and well-balanced, good for practice and collections!
  • We use an ultra-sharp stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode and maintains its durability even with consistent use to ensure smoother, more effective cuts with every pass.
  • This top grade knife's blade is strong and sharp due to more procedures. It is high-quality and durable. The handle is beautiful and durable to use.
  • It is an all-puprpose knife you must have. This is the one you want to be extending your arm. If you have a knife, then this is for everything. The ultimate cutting tool for daily chopping dicing and chopping fruit, vegetables, meat and so on. Is it known as the best friend of master chef.
  • Construction Type: Forged
Key Features of this Product:
  • ABOUT THE BLADES: This Swiss Made set has 5 knives of varied sizes, made from 136L surgical grade, rust-free stainless steel blades They retain their sharpness for a long period of time These food-grade knives are easy to re-sharpen and maintain over a lifetime
  • ABOUT THE GRIP: The ergonomic design of the polypropylene handles fit perfectly in the curve of your palm These textured handles are less slippery offering a comfortable grip that reduces strain on your wrist
  • FUNCTIONALITY: The set of 6 contains one 11 cm Wavy edge Multipurpose knife, two 8 cm straight edge and two 8 cm wavy edge knives along with a potato peeler Ready to take on the most intricate culinary duties, these diminutive utility blades tackle a variety of precision tasks with impressive agility
  • COLOURS: The set of 5 Kitchen and Household Knives and 1 Potato Peeler is also available only in red colour
  • THE VICTORINOX GUARANTEE: The Victorinox Stainless Steel Multi-purpose Kitchen tool set of 6 comes with a lifetime guarantee against any defects in material or workmanship
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Key Features of this Product:
  • 🔪 Attention : Cleaning before first use, please clean the knives with hot water and cleaner, rinse out well, when finished carefully wipe dry with soft towel. PLEASE AVOID direct contact with blade edge! After use please clean and store in a safe place, store away from children reach!
  • 🔪 PROFESSIONAL KNIFE SET: kitchen knife set is constructed of non-stick, coated blades that ensure long lasting durability and cleanliness Contemporary 6 Piece Stainless Steel Professional Kitchen Knife Set, Precision Sharp Knives and Stylish Rotating Holder.
  • 🔪 Use that cutting board – Cutting on proper surfaces also preserves the kitchen knife set blade and prevents chipping or breaking. It also helps you maintain control of kitchen knife and saves your counter tops from getting scratched and cut as well.
  • 🔪 Use kitchen knife set for its intended use – Each knife has specific tasks that they are designed for and using them for other uses can cause problems, injuries and can even mess up the knife.
  • 🔪 Specification :- Color : Black Material :- Stainless Steel Package Included :- 6 X Knife

The Bottom Line

We all want the best value for our money. When selecting the Best Kitchen Knives Set, you should prioritize your Needs, Build Quality and Safety over the Price for a couple of reasons.

If an expensive blade does the same thing as a less expensive one, you can go with the cheaper option and invest in a good knife sharpener to make them last longer. However, the safety features and the build quality have no alternate workarounds.  

When trying to find the perfect knife set, don’t forget to match your knives with the right cutting board because it will make your food preparation process easier and more efficient.

I hope this article has helped you understand what to look for in a good knife set! If you would like any help with buying knives, leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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