10 Best Hair Curler Irons to get the perfect Curls your Heart Desires

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Are you looking to find the best hair curler to create wavey and curly hairs that bounce around your shoulders? We have got just what you wanted in this Hair Curler buying guide and reviews. Hair curlers or hair rollers are nifty styling appliances that can help you get dazzling looks, like the models on Instagram, right at your home. The hair curlers are easy to carry around in your handbag.

These hair rolling machines can easily enable you to get loose or tight hair curls, whichever style you need for your gorgeous look and salon-like hair.

When it comes to buying a hair roller machine for oneself, many people feel apprehensive. How to pick the best hair curler from so many options? Which is the best hair roller brand in India? What type of hair curler machine will suit best for my hair texture? Will hair curler harm my hair? And many more.

I can understand your anxiety, but don’t worry. When I first bought my hair curler, I too had many questions and doubts in my mind. Our Hair Curler Buying Guide given below in this article will share every detail that you might like to know before buying your own best hair curler for your hair type and needs.

Top 10 Best Hair Curlers

The team at BestPriceBuys evaluates thousands of products, consumer buying patterns on online stores and analyzes numerous customer reviews. It will help you get insights about the Best Hair Curlers in India, allows you to get the benefit of great offers when buying a Hair Curlers for your Hair care and Styling needs.

List of 10 Best Hair Curlers in India

AGARO HC6001 Hair Curler with 25MM Barrel, Rod, Tong, Tourmaline Infused Ceramic Coated Plates, Cool Touch Tip, Fast Heating, for Women, Long and Short Hair Curling, Styling, Black & Rose Gold
2,595 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • 25 mm barrel for hair curling and styling;Tourmaline infused ceramic coated plates adds shine in the hair while curling
  • Heats up to 200 Degree Centigrade;PTC Heating Element for fast and efficient heating
  • Cool touch tip prevents burning of fingers
  • 360 degree swivel power cord to avoid tangling and easy usage; 2 Years Warranty
  • Power Source Type: Corded Electric; Unit Count Type: Count; Item Weight: g 382
Offer: Get 32% Off Today!
Key Features of this Product:
  • The Hair Stylers Comes With Easy Lock System, 360° Swivel Cord With 1.8 M Cord For Tangle-Free Styling And Safe Storage After Use.
  • 3 In 1 Hair Styler Combines The Features Of A Hair Straightener, Hair Curler, And Hair Crimper For Creating Silky Straight Hair, Defined Curls, And Textured Crimps. The Multi-Functional Hair Styling Tool Is Designed To Create Three Different Hairstyle - Sleek Straight Hair, Natural Curls And Textured Crimped Effect.
  • This Hair Styler Is Equipped With Ceramic Coating Technology To Help Reduce Damage From Heat As It Provides Even Distribution Of Heat For Smooth Styling.
  • The Hair Styler For Women Comes With One Styling Button Without Any Hassle Of Carrying Several Attachments. Get Ready With Salon Styled Hair For Any Occasions; Be It Party, Date Night And Or While Traveling.
  • The Styler Can Be A Perfect Gift For Self For Your Daily Hair Styling Regime Or To Your Loved Ones.
  • The Vega 3 In 1 Hair Styler Comes With A 2 Years Warranty
Nova NHC 850 style and curl for Women (Black )
9 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • On/Off switch with power indicator light
  • Best suited for all kind of hair, Short to long or thin to coarse
  • Adjustable temperature setting from 80C to 210C
  • Max temperature : Up To 200⁰C / Power Requirement : 220 - 240V, Power Consumption: 35W
  • Controls consistent optimal temperature for healthy drying and professional styling
  • 1 year Brand Warranty , For queries/assistance please contact at [email protected]
VEGA Ease Curl 19 Mm Barrel Hair Curler With Ceramic Coated Plates, (Vhch-01),Yellow
10,989 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty;Max temperature : Up To 200 °C / Power Requirement : 220 - 240V, Power Consumption: 35W
  • Package Content: 1 piece Vega Ease curl Hair Curler, 19mm;Chrome plates with ceramic coating & Cool tip for safer use
  • Barrel diameter : 19mm; On/Off switch with power indicator light
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Power Source Type: Corded Electric; Warranty Description: 2 Year Warranty Provided By The Manufacturer; Item Weight: g 410; Included Components: Hair Curler, User Manual, Warranty Card
Offer: Get 14% Off Today!
Philips Hair Curler with 16MM Barrel | Ceramic Coated Barrel for Long-Lasting Bouncy Looking Curls | Fast Heat Up | BHB862/00
3,947 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Style with Care: Ceramic coated barrel ensures even heat distribution and less hair damage for shiny and soft hair.
  • 16mm curling barrel gives bouncy, full of life curls and ringlets for joyful and young look.
  • 200°C high heat temperature guarantees optimal results, while minimizing hair damage.
  • Fast heat up time, ready to use in 60 sec
  • Cool tip for easier and safer use
  • Blinking LED light indicates when the device is ready to use.
  • Philips offers a full 2 years guarantee for this product to ensure you have long lifetime product to use every day.
Havells Curler (HC4031) & Dryer (HD3151) Combo
2 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • 2 year guarantee.The voltage is (220 - 240) volts AC and the frequency is (50 - 60) Hz
  • 24 hour home service. Contact_us on: [ 1800-103-1313][ 1800-11-0303 ]
  • Ceramic coated plates
  • Fast heat up, Power consumption: 25 W
  • 2 year Guarantee
  • 24 hour home service. Customer complaints can be logged contact_us on: [ 1800 103 1313] [1800 11 0303]
  • Gentle drying with 1200w
  • 3 temperature setting (hot, warm and cool)
Offer: Get 11% Off Today!
VEGA Miss Versatile Styling Set Straightener, Curler & Dryer Gift Combo (VHSS-03)Black
10,716 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Ceramic Coated Plates In The Hair Straightener Ensures Uniform Heat Distribution Resulting In Healthy, Smooth, And Shiny Hair.
  • The Blow Dryer Comes With Foldable Handle And A Hanging Loop For Easy Storage And Makes The Product Travel Friendly
  • The Vega Hair Dryer And Straightener And Curler Combo Is A Perfect Choice For Birthday, Anniversary Or Wedding Gift For Women.
  • The Vega Miss Versatile Styling Set Includes:1 Hair Straightener, 1 Foldable Hair Dryer-1000W And 1 Hair Curler - 19Mm Barrel
  • The Hair Styling Set Comes With A 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  • Ceramic Coated Plates In The Hair Straightener Ensures Uniform Heat Distribution Resulting In Healthy, Smooth, And Shiny Hair.
  • The Blow Dryer Comes With Foldable Handle And A Hanging Loop For Easy Storage And Makes The Product Travel Friendly
  • The Vega Hair Dryer And Straightener And Curler Combo Is A Perfect Choice For Birthday, Anniversary Or Wedding Gift For Women.
  • Warranty Description: 2 Year Warranty Provided By The Manufacturer; Unit Count Type: Count; Item Weight: 1140.0; Included Components: 1 Hair Straightener,1 Curler, 1 Dryer, 3user Manual, Warranty Card; Power Source Type: Corded Electric
  • Warranty Description: 2 Year Warranty Provided By The Manufacturer; Unit Count Type: Count; Item Weight: 1140.0; Included Components: 1 Hair Straightener,1 Curler, 1 Dryer, 3user Manual, Warranty Card; Power Source Type: Corded Electric
SYSKA HC700 Hair Curler (Black)
838 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • High temperature resistant ceramic coated tong
  • 19mm tong for bouncy curls
  • Cool tip for safety
  • Led power indicator
  • 360° swivel cord for a tangle-free experience
  • Safety stent for easy use
  • Clamp to hold the hair and get desired curls easily
Key Features of this Product:
  • Advance keratin ceramic coating to protect and care for your hair
  • Professional 19 millimeter barrel
  • Integrated digital temperature display with five settings 130 to 210 degree celsius for precise styling control
  • 30 seconds heat-up time
  • Luxury heat resistant storage pouch
Offer: Get 30% Off Today!
1,672 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Ceramic shine infused barrel.
  • Heat ready indicator system.
  • Comfort grip rubber handle.
  • Integrated safety stand.

How to choose the best Hair Curling Iron for your style? – Hair Curlers Buying Guide

With so many different variety of curling irons available, some of you may feel a little overwhelmed selecting the best curling iron for yourself.

The most important factor to consider is that the curling iron should be able to produce the right size of curl you need. Also consider whether these curls will work with your hair texture. Once you have an idea of these two key requirements, the Hair Curler Buying guide below will help you select the best hair curler as per your personal needs.

Choosing Hair Curler Iron based on the Size of curls you need

Selecting the right hair curler depends on the size of curls you need for your hair style. The barrel of hair curling irons have a width of 3/8 inch to 2 inch. These barrels of different width produces a distinctive curl. If you desire tight curls select an hair curler with a smaller width, if you fancy looser curls, go for a wide barrel.

Springy Tight Curls

If you aspire to have springy, tight curls picking up a tiny barrel hair curler is advisable. The barrel sizes of 3/8 inch, ½ inch and 5/8 inch produce excellent tight curls.

Vintage Curls or Corkscrew Curls

The barrel size of ¾ inch would be best for you if you wish to have vintage curls. The slightly looser curls produced by this barrel are perfect to get vintage-style hair updos. This size of the barrel is also great in producing corkscrew curls.

Curls for any Hair Length

If you keep experimenting with your style, getting a 1-inch barrel makes sense. It is the most common barrel size that is suitable for any length of hair. If you just want to have single curling iron in your styling kit, or if you are buying your first hair curler, go for the 1-inch barrel. You can try out a different variety of curls with this general-purpose barrel size.

Uniform Curl for Medium to Long Hair

The 1-1/4 inch barrel is suitable if you have medium to long hair. It is a great choice to produce uniform curls and is a popular size for gorgeous women with longer hair.

Beach Wave Curls

The most appropriate size to get beach wave curls is a 1-1/2 inch barrel. You can produce loose voluminous beach curls with this size. The larger the barrel of the hair curler, the looser will be the curls you get.

Rounded Texture for Long Hair

The large 2-inch barrel iron can give you a rounded texture to the end of your hair. You can not actually call this size a curler but it can produce a slightly tousled look for you to create a hint of the curl. You need to have long hair to use this size of the barrel, though.

Choosing Hair Curler Iron based on your Hair Type and Hair Texture

Check the temperature setting of the Hair curler as a different type of hair needs different heat settings. If your hair is thick, it can handle higher temperatures without any damage, but thin hairs need much lower temperatures.

However, as a precaution, you should never use a temperature higher than 400 degrees centigrade on thick hair. The ideal temperature for thick hair is around 300 degrees and for thin hair use your curler around 150 to 200 degrees centigrade.

If you wish to curl large amounts of hair in one go, then you can use a little higher temperature.

Go for the curler that offers adjustable heat settings. It would be great as you can change the heat settings as per different style you need, ans also provide option to curl different types of hair textures if you happen to share the curler with other members of your family.

Choosing between Curling Iron vs. Curling Wand

The curling iron comes with a spring clamp can hold your hair in place while curling. It is one of the most popular type of curler. You can get curling irons from almost all brands and they are also available in various barrel sizes.

The curling wand on the other hand has no clamps so you have to manually curl your hairs around the wand. It provides you with better creative ability to style your hairs. On curling wands since you wrap the ends last, it gives you protection from split ends too. If you wish for more volume and kink free curls, wands could be better choice for you.

While wands can give you superb beach curls, they may not curl the ends that well. As you manually curl the hair on the wand, it provides a more natural look. You may not get uniform curls though as using the wand requires more practice and skills

Choosing the right shape of your Curling Iron

You get an array of hair curlers to choose from. Most of them have very similar functions, what varies is their form factor, how these hair curling machines open, or the quality of materials that go in the making of it. You should have a general idea about all these types to select which tyoe of hair curler will be best suited for you.

Different shapes of Curling irons help in producing various effects. It is very important for you to consider this aspect to pick up the best hair curler that would be suitable for your hairstyle.

Cone Shaped Hair Curlers


Cone shape wands are also preferred by many. It has a cone shape barrel with a broader base near the handle that gradually tapers to a thin barrel by the end. Though, some brands offer reverse cone shape too. The advantage of cone wands is that you can get different sizes of thicker as well as thiner curls from the same tool.

It can also help provide you vine-like tresses with bigger curls at the base and smaller but denser curls towards the tip of your hairs. The cone shaped barrel of these wands help in producing excellent beach curls.

Straight Barrel Hair Curlers


Straight barrel shape is the most common type of curling iron and is also called clamp iron. You can identify these type of curling irons easily, they includes a barrel, clamps and handles. The clamp helps in holding the hair over the heating barrel for curling. It can provide you with curls of uniform shape to form coils and ringlets.  

Spiral Wands Hair Curlers


The spiral wands are easy to use and enable you to achieve flawless helix curls. It has a classic straight barrel with a thin spiral ridge wound over it along its length.

Pearl Barrel Hair Curlers (Bubble Wands)


Pearl Barrels are also commonly called Bubble wands or Pearl wands because these curlers have the barrel shape resembling a string of pearls. The function of these pearls or bubbles is to guide you and provide you a template for placing your hair on the wand in the right way for curling. It can give you curls that look natural and wild

Multi-Barrel Hair Curlers (Double or Tripe barrels)


These hair curlers have more than one barrel and are more useful for people with longer hair. These curlers are also known as wavers because they give you a more defined S-shape and wavy curls. You can choose from a double-barrel or a triple barrel hair curler to suit the hairstyle you wish.

Flat Iron Hair Curlers


Yes, you guessed it right. Flat Irons are also hair straighteners. You can use flat irons to get good curls for short or long hair. Flat irons are very useful, but if you desire more perfect curls that look natural, get a dedicated curler.

Choosing the right Material of your Hair Curler

In addition to ceramic, tourmaline and titanium, curling irons are also made of gold. Gold-plated irons are ideal for coarse, thick hair types. Gold irons emit quick, high and even heat. To choose the right curling iron, you need to consider the material used in making it.

Ceramic and Tourmaline curling irons

Ceramic and Tourmaline curling irons have gained popularity amongst stylista as they are the safest option. These hair curlers maintain consistent temperature throughout the barrel. If you need to curl your hair often, picking Ceramic and Tourmaline curling irons is advisable. The negative ions that these curlers release helps in smoothening and eliminating frizz from the hair cuticle. It gives a smooth and shiny look to your hair.

Titanium barrel curling irons

If your hairs are coarse, unmanageable and do not hold heat, choosing a Titanium barrel hair curler would be good for you. These curlers also emits  negative ions that help reduce frizz and protect hair like ceramic or tourmaline.

Chrome and gold barrel curling irons

Chrome and gold barrels heat well, but they won’t fight frizz. While cheaper, chrome curling irons can have places where the iron gets too hot that can damage your hair.

Metal steam barrel curling irons

Metal steam barrels can be good for thin hair that won’t hold curl. They release steam, which helps replace the moisture the metal removes. The steam helps the hair hold curl.


While picking up the best hair curler, it is important for you to consider which type of hair curler will be best suited to give you the hairstyle of your choice. As everyone has different hair texture and styling needs, we have tried our best to help you provide comprehensive information to enable you to get the best hair curler for your needs.

Your hair styling routine is incomplete without a proper hair dryer, if you are keen you can also look at our detailed hair dryer buying guide.

If you have any questions or suggestions to share please use the comment section below. We will try and address them as soon as possible.

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