10 Best Electric Toothbrushes in India – The Ultimate Buying Guide

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Electric toothbrushes are the new way to achieve that perfect, clean smile. Best Electric toothbrush reviews can be found all over the internet, but which one is right for you? This article will give you the Ultimate Electric Toothbrush Buying Guide to select the best electric toothbrush for yourself.

Electric toothbrushes are known for their ability to remove plaque and reduce gum disease better than manual brushing. Electric toothbrushes also have a lot of features that can be helpful with other dental problems like sensitive teeth or receding gums. Electric Toothbrushing has many benefits, including reducing the risk of oral health problems like gingivitis or even heart disease!

We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Electric Toothbrushes in India. Additionally, we have selected Top 3 Entry Level Power Toothbrushes and Top 3 Top end Electric Toothbrushes for your consideration.

Furthermore, you will get complete information about selecting the best power toothbrush yourself. From the overview of electric toothbrushes to how they work and compare with manual ones.  From the electric toothbrush benefits to how to use them. From understanding key features to knowing what features to look for when buying an electric toothbrush.  and how electric toothbrushes

What is an Electric toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes are innovative Personal Care Appliance that is most effective to remove plaque and reduce gum disease better than manual brushing. Electric toothbrushes also have a lot of features that can be helpful with other dental problems like sensitive teeth or receding gums.

An electric toothbrush is a type of electrical device that cleans teeth. There are two types of brushes: oscillating-rotating and sonic.

An oscillating-rotating electric brush uses counterclockwise rotation, while the sonic brush moves at high speed to create suction power through its side bristles. The longer you use an electric toothbrush, the more effective it is at removing plaque and bacteria.

Why are Electric Toothbrushes gaining popularity

Visits to the dentists are probably not the most pleasant memories you might have, either as a child or an adult. Bad teeth can cause you a lot of pain and also even make you suffer financially. This is why taking care of your dental health is of utmost importance. This includes making sure that your daily brushing is done correctly. In such cases, an electric toothbrush does the best job.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the critical components of keeping your mouth healthy, which in turn lowers your risk of other health problems. Brushing your teeth isn’t only limited to having nice-smelling breath and white teeth.

The process of brushing removes plaque, which contributes to dental decay and gum disease. It also helps in removing food particles stuck in your teeth to reduce the risk of dental decay. When you use toothpaste, it introduces fluoride to your teeth. However, only manually brushing your teeth isn’t enough. To ensure better oral hygiene and keep your teeth healthy, you need to buy the best electric brush for you.

There are many toothbrushes in the market to choose from, and you will find that every electric toothbrush is better than a manual one. You get better performance and more features, such as improved and varied brushing modes, along with more accessories, like travel cases.

How electric toothbrush works?

An electric toothbrush is a type of tooth care device that has an electric motor. The brush head rotates to clean the teeth and gums efficiently. It does not require manual brushing for effective cleaning.

  • The handle is built with a small circuit board that regulates electricity from batteries and converts it into the power needed for its motor.
  • A typical model works with batteries recharged using electricity from either a wall plug-in or USB port connection. Some higher-end brands have rechargeable lithium-ion battery modules enclosed inside the handle housing, so you will never need to replace it again!
  • As a user, you need to place a brush head on its handle and push it against your teeth so that bristles can touch both top and bottom parts of the teeth.
  • While rotating in a circular motion for about two minutes. This is equal to 30 seconds per quadrant (front left, front right, back left, and back right).
  • The rotations are high-speed but feel slow because they happen at around 300 movements every minute. This creates the sensation of thoroughly brushing one’s teeth from the gum line until enamel surfaces!

Electric Toothbrush Price – Is Electric Toothbrush Expensive?

Several benefits offered by Electric Toothbrushes make them well worth their price tags over time. Even though most people only consider the initial outlay. Instead of looking deeper into what these products can do for them.

Electric toothbrushes are not expensive. Entry-Level Power Toothbrushes are available as low as INR 300/- to INR 800/-. While most models that offer a good mix of features and performance are available in the range of INR 1000/- to INR 2000/-. While the Top end models start from INR 3000/- and upwards.

Electric toothbrushes last longer than manual brushes do. It is worth investing in an electric model rather than buying a new manual regularly for the rest of your life. They can prove to be cost-effective in the long run and help improve your oral health.

List of Best Electric Toothbrushes

You should consider the following carefully handpicked models from some of India’s best brands of Electric Toothbrushes.

Top 10 Best Electric Toothbrush in India

Top 3 Best Top End Electric Toothbrush in India

If cost is not an issue and you are looking for a feature-rich higher-end model. We have selected Top 3 top-end Electric toothbrushes that you can consider.

Top 3 Entry Level Electric Toothbrush

If you are trying to experiment with electric toothbrushing and are looking for low-cost entry-level models, you too are covered. We have picked Top 3 Entry-level electric toothbrushes too.

Electric Toothbrush Buying Guide

This guide will cover all the electric toothbrush brands on the market so you don’t need to spend hours researching each one individually! It’s not easy to find the best Electric toothbrush, but this guide will help you make an informed decision.

Electric Toothbrush Benefits

Both regular and automatic toothbrushes have their own advantages and disadvantages. It really boils down to your current brushing habits and how well you are using a regular brush.

  1. Easy to use: The most crucial benefit of an electric toothbrush is that it does all the work for you. Electric brushes use rotating heads beneath their soft bristles to do all of the necessary cleanings without any additional effort from yourself.
  2. Comes with Inbuilt Timer: Electric toothbrushes also have a timer that is crucial for keeping up with appropriate timing and spending on each section of your mouth. It ensures that optimal cleanliness can be achieved without going overboard and causing more harm than good.
  3. Uses the proper pressure: When using a manual brush, people tend to scrub too hard, which can harm them in the long run. Electric toothbrushes benefit children who don’t know how much pressure to apply during oral hygiene routines. Even many adults don’t use enough force or use excessive pressure when brushing their teeth.
  4. Has better reach: Electric toothbrushes can go places where your normal brush would not be able to reach. Normal brushes do not have the power or flexibility to accomplish this task, further. With excellent reach Electric toothbrushes can be handy for people who
    • wear braces
    • do a lot of traveling for work where there’s no way to properly floss daily,
    • drink coffee/wine regularly or consume tobacco products that leave stains behind
    • have dexterity issues or suffer from arthritis
  5. Provides effective cleaning: The efficacy of electric toothbrushes is greater than that of manual brushes. They help you to reach places that a regular toothbrush might not be able to. This is because they have different options in terms of speed and design.
  6. Portable and Travel friendly: Electric toothbrushes come with a built-in battery and charger. You need not worry when taking them on vacation. Charging them is also simple, as many units only take around two hours to reach their full potential.

Electric Toothbrush Types

There are two main mechanisms on which electric toothbrushes operate, Sonic toothbrush and Rotating-Oscillating or Vibrating toothbrush.

Sonic toothbrushes vibrate at 24,000 – 40,000 strokes per minute and can provide an extensive cleaning. A sonic toothbrush cleans the surface of your teeth by breaking up the plaque and then sweeping it away, even from the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth.

Vibrating toothbrushes use a rotating motion that goes back and forth to cup each tooth and has a vibration up to 8,800 strokes per minute. Vibrating toothbrushes can clean your teeth precisely and without unwanted pressure on your teeth.

Choosing between the two of them is all about your own preferences. Vibrating toothbrushes are pretty effective in removing the plaque off your teeth. While sonic toothbrushes are much more powerful due to their high level of vibrations.

Key Features Of Electric Toothbrushes

Now that we are clear on its benefits let us go through the basics of an electric toothbrush. You need to identify the critical features of an automatic toothbrush before you decide to purchase one.

Two-minute timer

Dentists always emphasize the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes daily. But it is all too easy to get distracted while brushing your teeth, or you might misjudge time and think you have been brushing for longer than you really have.

In such cases, the built-in timer encourages you to brush for the right amount of time. It alerts you when your 2 minutes are up. Then you are free to stop brushing.

Quadrant alerts / Quad Pacer

A quad pacer can affect how well you clean all the individual teeth in your mouth. It encourages you to clean each quadrant of your mouth evenly. This can be beneficial if you are not keeping track of the time spent on each quadrant. During a standard 2-minute brushing cycle, a quad pacer will alert you every 30 seconds.

Imagine breaking your dental cavity into 4 sections: upper right teeth, upper left, lower right, and lower left. You have to spend 30 seconds cleaning each area. When you get the alert, you move on to the next section. By the end of the 2 minute clean, you will have covered all 4 areas. Thus giving an even clean to every corner of your mouth.

Access to replacement brush heads

Electric brushes come with the ability to swap out brushing heads. In this way, you can equip a cheaper model with the same heads packaged with the expensive ones. You can get a model that allows a wide range of replacement heads for customization. If you don’t like using the head that comes with your electric brush, you can go look for another head.

It’s also vital that you replace the head every 1-3 months. You should change it out even more often if you brush more than twice a day or are an aggressive brusher.

Pressure sensor

Scrubbing harder at your teeth is not an effective way to remove the plaque and debris. The bristles of your brush only need to skim the surface of your teeth and gums. Brushing too hard wears away the outermost surface of the tooth, causing what dentists call abrasion.

A pressure sensor helps in preventing this over-brushing. It alerts you via vibration, sound, or light that you are brushing too hard.

Other Factors To Consider While Buying Electric Toothbrushes


Price is not that important since expensive electric brushes do not necessarily mean better at cleaning your teeth. What’s essential is regular brushing, combined with the correct technique for the right amount of time. If you get these things right, then even the cheapest electric toothbrush will do a good job. However, to avail of additional features, you may buy a model that may cost more but provides you the crucial functions.

Battery life

Over recent years, the usage time of batteries and their performances have gotten significantly better. Most battery-operated brushes are almost the same. You can have an average of around 2 weeks use between charges. Typically, cheaper electric brushes have less battery life than expensive battery-operated ones, but this isn’t always the case. Please see the details of the model you are considering to choose the right electric toothbrush.

Cost of replacement brush heads

The cost of replacement brush heads can affect the cost of long-term ownership. Therefore, this may be something you can consider in your buying decision. It is generally recommended that you should replace your brush head every 3 months. In that case, you’ll need 4 brush heads a year. You can also save money by bulk buying.

Travel case

Having a travel case makes it much easier to transport the toothbrush and the brush heads in whenever you are traveling. Even if you are not a regular traveler, it can provide added protection to your electric toothbrush. They significantly reduce the likelihood of damage, particularly to the bristles on the brush head. You can also avoid the brush from accidentally getting switched on. If there is any excess moisture and toothpaste in the heads, it remains in the case and wouldn’t stain anything on your bag.

You can even get models that come with travel cases that enable the brush to be charged from within the case. You don’t even need to mount it on a charging stand.

Cleaning modes

Gum Cleaning Mode: This is not an absolute necessity unless you are in the early stages of gum disease or experience sensitivity in the gums when brushing. Gum cleaning mode moves the brush headless aggressively than the standard cleaning mode, but in a way that encourages blood flow in the gums. This mode helps ensure the gums become more tolerant to brushing and generally healthier.

Sensitive cleaning mode: In this mode, the motor moves more slowly for a gentle but effective bristle movement over the teeth and gums. It is beneficial if you have tender teeth and gums and are going through dental surgery.

How to use an electric toothbrush?

It is imperative to read the manual before using an electric toothbrush. Many people think that all you have to do is turn it on and start brushing. However, several steps need to be followed for this process to work correctly.

  1. The first thing you should do when you get your new brush is to put the bristles inside of the mouthguard. So they can penetrate into each crevice of your teeth while also covering every part of them.
  2. Carefully place it over top of your gums without touching any other parts of their body aside from where they meet with the gum line. This will allow not only yourself but everyone around you peace of mind because no one wants a stranger’s germs in their mouth.
  3. Turn on the toothbrush and begin your regular brushing routine. You should brush for two minutes, thirty seconds each section of your mouth moving from left to right so that all surfaces receive equal time under the bristles.
  4. Add a little more time at those spots where plaque is most commonly found, such as behind-the-back molars.
  5. Dental flossing because no matter how hard we try, we cannot get into every crevice with our toothbrush alone unless we do something about it.

How to maintain oral hygiene?  7 Tips  

Apart from switching over to an electric toothbrush for your brushing, you should practice some essential habits to maintain your dental hygiene. Follow the following guidelines for healthy oral hygiene and smile-worthy teeth.

  1. Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste for at least 2 minutes.
  2. Use the correct technique of brushing for a thorough cleaning and spit after brushing.
  3. Avoid rinsing your mouth too much with mouthwash or water, as it may take away the fluoride.
  4. Clean between your teeth with the help of dental floss or interdental brushes.
  5. Eat a healthy diet that is rich in calcium, vitamin D, potassium, phosphorus, etc.
  6. Lessen your sugar intake to reduce tooth decay
  7. Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco.

Suppose you follow these steps each day by brushing at least twice a day and flossing every evening. In that case, you will notice a significant improvement in your dental health over some time.

Just keep up with all three simple tasks each morning and before bedtime at night, and you will be on the right track to having healthier teeth, stronger gums, whiter smile.

Electric Toothbrushes FAQs

What is an Electric toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush is a type of electrical device that cleans teeth. There are two types of brushes: oscillating-rotating and sonic. An oscillating-rotating electric brush uses counterclockwise rotation, while the sonic brush moves at high speed to create suction power through its side bristles. The longer you use an electric toothbrush, the more effective it is at removing plaque and bacteria.

How to use an electric toothbrush?

Using an electric toothbrush is very simple. Though you need to follow some processes as mentioned here. As the electric toothbrush does all the work for you, using the device as per this process a couple of times will provide you enough practice and experience to use the electric toothbrush effectively.

Is an electric toothbrush a good investment?

Yes, they are a good investment. Electric toothbrush efficiency, convenience, and how they encourage you to brush correctly and for the right amount of time can undoubtedly pay off.

It may have a high initial price compared to regular toothbrushes, but this is offset over time. You could have fewer or cheaper dental visits, so you save a lot of money on bills.

What are the advantages of an Electric Toothbrush?

Electric Toothbrushes are Easy to use. They make the process of brushing very easy since they do all the labor for you. All you have to do is guide the handle around your dental cavity.

Electric Toothbrushes have Smart functions. They come with timers and pacers that encourage a 2 minute clean.
There are pressure sensors that alert you if you are brushing your teeth too hard. It can even track your behavior and provide rewards so that you are diligent in brushing your teeth.
Electric Toothbrushes are Cost-Effective in the long run. Even if they are more expensive on the first buy than regular toothbrushes, they have a relatively low lifetime cost.

Electric Toothbrushes are significantly better for People with dexterity issues or with braces. The reach and ease of handling make these brushes ideal for many specially-abled persons. The uniqueness of Electric Toothbrushes can increase the enthusiasm of Kids about brushing.

Why are Electric Toothbrushes becoming popular?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most important considerations of health-aware families. If your mouth is healthy, you have a lower risk of other health problems. There are many toothbrushes in the market to choose from, and you will find that every electric toothbrush is better than a manual one. So, people are gradually shifting to Electric Toothbrushes as a better alternative, boosting their popularity amongst Indian Consumers.

Is there any risk of gum recession while using an electric toothbrush?

No, the toothbrush itself does not cause gum recession, but it can accelerate recession. Although gum recession is a result of your own action when you scrub too hard. If you are facing gum recession, try controlling the pressure you apply to your teeth while brushing.

Can electric toothbrushes help in whitening my teeth?

Yes, they can help in whitening your teeth. However, don’t expect your teeth to go beyond their natural whiteness since it’s impossible for any kind of brush. The color of your teeth also depends on the regularity with which you clean, your diet, lifestyle, and toothpaste.

How is the average lifespan of electric toothbrushes?

An electric toothbrush can last for around 5 years on average. But some brushes can last a lot longer, depending on their brands and their usage. If you wish to keep your electric toothbrush in good shape for longer. You should always rinse off the brush after use and remove the brush head to wash out any leftover debris stuck between bristles. Store the toothbrush in a dry place when not used!

Can I clean my electric toothbrushes with water?

Yes, electric toothbrushes are designed so that they can be rinsed under a tap for cleaning. The electronic parts are sealed inside the brush handle to stop water from getting in. Different manufacturers have different safety guidance on cleaning them. However, you should never submerge the brush in water.

Product Reviews and Details of Electric Toothbrushes

Details of Best Electric Toothbrush for Adults

Offer: Get 55% Off Today!
Key Features of this Product:
  • Superior Sonic Technology: Generates 40,000 Strokes per minute, demolishing deep tooth dirt effectively
  • Nylon DuPont Heads: 5 DuPont brush heads designed to fit topography of teeth
  • 5 Cleaning Modes: whitening, cleaning, sensitive, polishing, massage
  • Interdental Brush Head: For cleaning between teeth & extremely hard to reach areas
  • Long Lasting Battery with USB Recharge: Lasts up to 25 after only 4 hours full charging(2mins/2 times per day)
  • Smart Timer: Reminds to move to next brushing area after every 30 sec I 2 min auto shut-off
  • Smart Memory: Remembers last used mode & starts at that mode in next use
  • IPX7 Waterproof I Handy Travel Case
  • 5 interchangeable Brush Heads I 1 Year Warranty;Working Hours Monday to Saturday (10:30am-6:30pm) except public holidays; Item Weight: 75.0 Grams; Unit Count Type: Count
Offer: Get 12% Off Today!
Key Features of this Product:
  • The essential toothbrush to achieve an everyday clean
  • 2D Cleaning Action, oscillates and rotates to remove plaque better than a regular manual toothbrush
  • The round brush head cups teeth to remove more plaque vs a regular manual toothbrush
  • Know you’ve brushed the right amount of time with the 2-minute professional timer
  • Vibrates every 30 seconds to alert you to change the area that's being brushed
  • English (Publication Language)
Offer: Get 36% Off Today!
Key Features of this Product:
  • RECHARGEABLE TOOTHBRUSH: Colgate Proclinical 250 Charcoal Sonic is an innovative rechargeable toothbrush that combines unique, multi-directional brush strokes with soft, thin-tipped bristles for superior cleaning. Enjoy healthier gums in 4 weeks.
  • 5X PLAQUE REMOVAL VS MANUAL TOOTHBRUSH: Colgate Proclinical 250 Charcoal Sonic Toothbrush offers 5X plaque reduction compared to a manual toothbrush and is gentle on the gums. Its brush head with cheek & tongue cleaner helps remove odour-causing bacteria.
  • MULTI-DIRECTIONAL SONIC VIBRATIONS: Powered by SONIC technology, it moves side to side and up & down providing over 30,000 strokes/min. Enjoy pleasurable brushing with its soft & spiral thin-tipped bristles to sweep along the gumline & polish your teeth.
  • REPLACEABLE HEAD: This toothbrush has a replaceable head that can be easily changed every 3 months & fits any colgate proclinical toothbrush. This toothbrush has a handy 2min timer featuring a quadrant pacer that switches off when you reach the 2min mark.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & CONVENIENT: To offer you a seamless experience, our Colgate Proclinical rechargeable tooth brush has been designed to be slim, lightweight & easy to control. It comes with an LED charge indicator with a full charge lasting upto 10 days.
realme M1 Sonic Toothbrush (White) | USB Fast Charging | 90 Days Battery Life | DuPont™ 99.99% Antibacterial Bristles for Plaque removal with 4 cleaning modes
757 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • 34,000 vibrations/min
  • 90 Days Battery life
  • 4 cleaning modes
  • item package dimensions: 232.0 L x 577.0 H x 87.0 W (millimeters)
Offer: Get 57% Off Today!
Key Features of this Product:
  • RECHARGEABLE & LONG-LASTING: One complete charge of 10-12hours lasts for 100 minutes, with a 2 minute brushing timer. USB cable included for effortless charging, along with 2 brush heads for long term & multiple usage
  • MADE FOR INDIA: HealthSense is a registered Indian Brand aiming to bring quality innovative products. This product is idealised & conceptualised for Indians & manufactured by exclusive overseas partners
  • SONIC CLEANING TECHNOLOGY: High speed vibrating brush heads with 5 dynamic modes, for complete oral care. Precisely Waved DuPont nylon bristles suit tooth topography for thorough & deep cleaning
  • SLEEK & LIGHTWEIGHT: Designed for home & travel, the heads are waterproof & convenient with dust covers for hygiene. Indicator lights for charging & cleaning mode selection
  • WARRANTY : 1 Year HealthSense India offsite service warranty on manufacturing defects ensures on time customer support.
Offer: Get 75% Off Today!
Caresmith Spark Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush | 6 Operating Modes | 40000 Vibrations per Minute | 2 Brush Heads (White)
13,474 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • 40000 VPM SMART TOOTHBRUSH: An advanced oral care device that utilizes a powerful sonic motor to generate up to 40,000 micro-brushes per minute. This high-speed vibration effectively removes stubborn food particles, bacteria, and stains, leaving your teeth and gums clean and healthy. The toothbrush is designed to provide efficient and thorough cleaning, ensuring that every nook and corner of your mouth is reached.
  • 4 HOUR CHARGE LASTS 20 DAYS: A powerful rechargeable battery that provides up to 20 days of continuous use with just a single 4-hour charge. The versatility of this toothbrush is evident in its ability to be charged using any USB power source. It is also designed with convenient features like auto shut-off technology and a low battery reminder to ensure that it is always ready for use. With these features, this toothbrush is a reliable and convenient tool for your oral hygiene routine.
  • SMART AUTO TIMER: Electric SPARK toothbrush boasts a Smart Auto Timer equipped with Quad Auto Interval technology, designed to turn off the device automatically after two minutes of use. Additionally, the toothbrush pauses every 30 seconds, reminding users to switch sides, ensuring an effective and thorough cleaning experience. This feature ensures that users maintain a consistent brushing time, enhance their oral health.
  • INTUITIVE BRISTLE DESIGN: Its Dupont bristles come with a clever tooth-waved design that fits snugly with the contours of your teeth, providing a seamless and comfortable cleaning experience. The toothbrush also comes with two types of bristle heads, allowing you to choose the pressure that suits you best. This feature ensures that you can brush your teeth effectively without causing any damage to your gums or teeth.
JSB HF127 Electric Power Toothbrush for Adults Rechargeable Waterproof with 2 Brush Heads (White-Blue)
222 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Electric Toothbrush for Adults with Long Life Rechargeable NiMh battery 8,800 Rotations Per Minute for Efficient Cleaning
  • Power Tooth Brush with High-Tech Hidden Panel Inductive Charging with LED Indicator Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery with Long Battery Backup Waterproof Design
Key Features of this Product:
  • Brush head with dupont bristles vibrates at 30,000 strokes per minute. Free replaceable brush head provided.
  • With the 1 button operation feature, you just need to press one button and change the mode.
  • Smart Timer: Every 30 seconds, the vibration pauses for a second. You just need to move to the next section of your mouth
  • 3 hours charging time; lasts 30 days on a single recharge; The brush automatically stops after the recommended 2 minutes
  • Memory function: The toothbrush remembers and automatically starts from your last mode setting
Key Features of this Product:
  • 20000 times/min High Frequency Sonic Motor
  • DuPont 99.99% Antibacterial Bristles
  • 130 Days Battery Life
  • 3 Cleaning Modes
Offer: Get 55% Off Today!
Key Features of this Product:
  • Effectively remove plaque in hard-to-reach areas. A manual toothbrush cannot reach to remove most of the plaque and tartar built up between your teeth.
  • Thorough Mouth Cleanup with 2-minute Timer Assistance. Feel motivated to brush twice a day with optimal timer assistance and experience the professional-clean feeling that lasts all day.
  • Sonic Lite Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Package Includes 1 Toothbrush handle, 1 Brush head, User Manual, USB Cable, and Brush head cap.
  • 3 Cleaning Modes: No hard manual brushing anymore. Brush based on your comfort. Choose any of the 3 modes (Sensitive, Clean & Massage) according to your need.

Details of Top End Electric Toothbrush

Oral B PRO 2 2000 Cross Action Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush for Adults,Blue
1,504 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Up to 100 percent more plaque removal round head cleans better for healthier gums vs a standard manual toothbrush
  • Clinically proven superior 3d cleaning action oscillates, rotates and pulsates to break up and remove plaque
  • Protect your gums pressure control reduces brushing speed and alerts you if you brush too hard, Rechargeable: Yes
  • Gently whitens your teeth starting from day 1 by removing surface stains
  • Know you’ve brushed the right amount of time with the 2-minute professional timer
  • Electric toothbrush with two modes daily clean and gum care daily clean and gum care brushing modes
  • Amazing battery experience lasts up to 2 weeks with 1 charge with the state-of-the-art, lithium-ion battery
  • Contents 1 handle, charging station, 1 toothbrush head
  • 2 years warranty from the date of purchase
Key Features of this Product:
  • Dynamic movement helps you achieve enhanced results
  • Removes up to 100 percent plaque than a regular manual toothbrush
  • Clinically proven superior 3d cleaning action oscillates, rotates and pulsates to break up and remove plaque than a regular manual toothbrush
  • Included in pack: one toothbrush handle, charging station with brush head storage, one toothbrush head. Bristle Type: Soft Bristles
  • Quick guide
  • 2 years warranty from the date of purchase
Offer: Get 17% Off Today!
Key Features of this Product:
  • INNOVATIVE SONIC TECHNOLOGY : Pulses water between teeth, and its brush strokes break up plaque and sweep it away for an expert level clean
  • CLINICAL PROVEN : #1 recommended sonic toothbrush brand by dental professionals worldwide
  • ALWAYS GET IT RIGHT : Designed to smoothly glide among the gum-line for an effective clean, even without the perfect technique
  • Battery life up to 14 days between charges
  • Removes up to 3 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush
  • Safe for use with braces and dental restorations

Details of Entry Level Electric Toothbrush

Offer: Get 10% Off Today!
Oral B Cross Action Battery Powered Electric Toothbrush for adults, Pack of 1
28,551 Reviews for this product on Amazon
Key Features of this Product:
  • Cleans hard to reach places. Waterproof Construction:Yes
  • Rotating powerhead loosens and whisks away plaque from surfaces, gumline and back teeth
  • Powered crisscross bristles reach between teeth to lift out and sweep away plaque
  • Battery Type : AA Alkaline Battery
Offer: Get 22% Off Today!
Key Features of this Product:
  • BATTERY POWERED TOOTHBRUSH: Colgate Proclinical 150 Charcoal Sonic is an innovative battery powered toothbrush that combines unique, multi-directional brush strokes with soft, thin-tipped bristles for a superior cleaning experience.
  • 5X PLAQUE REMOVAL VS MANUAL TOOTHBRUSH: Colgate Proclinical 150 Charcoal Sonic Toothbrush offers 5X plaque reduction compared to a manual toothbrush and is gentle on the gums. Its brush head with cheek & tongue cleaner helps remove odour-causing bacteria.
  • SOFT BRISTLES & STRONG STROKES: Colgate electric toothbrush provides over 20,000 strokes per minute. Its soft, thin-tipped charcoal infused anti-bacterial bristles prevent bacteria growth and help clean along the gum-line & clean hard-to-reach places.
  • REPLACEABLE HEAD: This toothbrush has a replaceable head that can be easily changed every 3 months as recommended by dentists and hygienists. This toothbrush has a built-in 2min timer that turns it off after reaching the maximum recommended brushing time.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & CONVENIENT: To offer you a seamless experience, our Colgate Proclinical electric tooth brush has been designed to be slim, lightweight & quiet. Its replaceable head fits any Colgate Proclinical Toothbrush. Comes with 2 AAA alkaline batteries
Key Features of this Product:
  • Ultra Soft Bristles For Superior Cleaning
  • Produces Upto 18000 Vibrations Per Minute Giving Effective Cleaning
  • Dual Pro Brush Modes To Match Your Preferred Style And Pace
  • Equiclean Auto Timer
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Which Gives Uninterrupted Usage Upto 30Days
  • Led Indicator Alerts About The Battery
  • Ipx7 Waterproof Design
  • Low Noise Device(60 Db) And Anti Slip Design On The Back
  • Package Contents- Toothbrush, Cable, Manual. Warranty: One Year Pan-India Warranty On All Manufacturing Defects


Suppose you are doing a good enough job manually cleaning with a regular toothbrush and have no gum disease or other dental problems. In that case, a manual toothbrush is satisfactory.

But if you are struggling with a manual toothbrush and not noticing any results, or if you suffer from gum diseases, you should probably pick an electric toothbrush. They are a good investment and will help you in the long run, both in terms of dental health and finances.

All you have to do is pick the right model from a suitable brand that fits your needs and budget. To help you along, we went through this buying guide for electric toothbrushes, so it should be easy for you now.

Hope you like our article on Best Electric Toothbrushes, do share it with your friends on social media. Please do follow our social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and our channel on Telegram for the latest updates. Your encouragement will motivate us to bring more and more exciting content for you. If any questions or concerns arise after reading this article, please feel free to comment via the form below.

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